Sequel Bits: 'A Nightmare On Elm Street', 'Insidious', 'Bad Boys For Life' And More

In this edition of sequel bits:

  • Patrick Wilson is down for more Insidious movies.
  • Wes Craven's estate is taking new Nightmare on Elm Street pitches.
  • Behold a very colorful Bad Boys For Life poster.
  • Edward Furlong was "bummed out" about his Terminator: Dark Fate cameo.
  • Tell your mom: there's already a Downton Abbey sequel in the works.
  • Patrick Wilson was a major player in the first two Insidious movies, and then the franchise moved on to terrorize other people. But Wilson isn't ruling out returning for yet another Insidious entry. Speaking with THR, Wilson, when asked about an Insidous return, said: "I don't know what you would do, but I never felt like it was closed.  He added that he "just felt like for [his character] Josh Lambert, we've already seen him possessed and free of possession. There's not a whole lot for that guy to do anymore. I don't know where they would want to go with the series, but I never close any doors. There's no big red door that's closed." In other words: there's nothing official, but since Wilson and Insidious producer James Wan are pals, it's not out of the question either.Scariest Scene in A Nightmare on Elm Street

    Ever since the terrible 2010 remake, the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise has been dead. But that might be about to change. According to Bloody Disgusting, Wes Craven's estate – who now own the Nightmare rights – are in the process of taking pitches for a new Nightmare. Per Bloody Disgusting, the estate is "looking for both feature film pitches and also concepts for a possible HBO Max series" in the hopes of bringing Freddy Krueger back to life. While nothing will ever top the original movie, I think the time is right for a new Nightmare movie, especially one that honors the original.

    There's a new Bad Boys For Life poster, and it's kind of pretty! Dig that pastel sky, folks. More action movies should go for pastel colors if you ask me – enough with the neon, bring on the pastel. In Bad Boys For Life, "The once inseparable duo of Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowery is coming apart: an aging Burnett has become a police inspector while Lowery, suffering a midlife crisis, is assigned to head up AMMO, a "young guns" group of millennial cops with whom he has nothing in common. Both of them reunite once again when a fierce Romanian mob boss, whose brother they defeated years earlier, makes a retaliation effort on Mike just as both him and Marcus are about to officially retire." The film, which reunites Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, opens January 17, 2020.

    Edward Furlong in Terminator Dark Fate

    Remember Terminator: Dark Fate? It came out...*checks notes*...this year! In case you missed the movie, there's a flashback scene with John Connor that reveals that the boy who was once humanity's only hope ended up getting killed by a Terminator. Edward Furlong came back to do some motion-capture work that enabled the movie to make this happen, and now Furlong has offered his thoughts on the whole thing, and he sounds kind of sad that John Connor had to kick the bucket. While appearing at a convention (via Cinema Blend), Furlong said: "They smoked my ass! That was the role. I did it for a day – I shot for one day. And, yeah, we did some CGI. They paid me. So, I mean, ya know. It kinda bums me out. Cause I'd love to do a whole one and make a shit-ton of money. I would love to do more, but we'll see what happens."

    downton abbey featurette

    The Downton Abbey movie took in a whopping  $184 million internationally, which makes it the biggest hit in Focus Films' history. With those numbers in mind, could a sequel be inevitable? Yes. Executive producer Gareth Neame told THR that "We're having those [sequel] conversations. We're working on what the story is, and when we might be able to make it. But it's the same as the first time around: We have to try to get everyone back together again. And that was very challenging." So a sequel will probably happen, provided all the details can be worked out.