The First Official Baby Yoda Plush Can Be Six Walmart

Baby Yoda (don't @ me, I know that's not his actual name) is all anyone wants to talk about these days. Climate crisis? No thanks! Politics? Boring! We want Baby Yoda, and we want him everywhere. In an effort to avoid The Mandalorian spoilers, Disney made sure to not manufacture any Baby Yoda merch in advance – a move that's kind of backfired on them, since everyone wants Baby Yoda toys and they want them immediately. Little by little, Baby Yoda-related merchandise has trickled out, and now, there's a fairly cute plush on the horizon. Don't get too excited, though: you'll have to wait six months before you can clutch Baby Yoda to your chest and promise to never let him go.

As you can see in the tweet above, a new Baby Yoda plush is headed to Walmart. The link itself isn't live on the Walmart website, but you can get a preview of it if you search "Baby Yoda."

The item won't arrive until May, though – which is probably not the most exciting news for people who want their Baby Yoda stuff immediately. You can't help but wonder: Why did Disney wait so long to roll this stuff out? The most common answer is "to avoid spoilers", but that seems like a huge gamble. Then again, Disney isn't exactly hard up for money, so they can afford to wait.

Still, will people even be talking about Baby Yoda six months from now? I know that the cute little puppet is all anyone is talking about these days, but things change. For all we know, a month from now, some new cute obsession will supplant Baby Yoda in the public's consciousness, and what then? Will the mountains of too-late Baby Yoda merch end up being pushed into a landfill like unsold Atari games? Will all the unbought Baby Yoda toys serve as a monument to ruin like a modern-day Ozymandias statue – a shattered visage half sunk in sand, proclaiming: "My name is Baby Yoda, king of kings: Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!"

Anyway, the pre-order link for this thing should go live tomorrow, December 4, so check the Walmart site then.