Mark Ruffalo Has Pitched Marvel More Hulk Movies, Would Like To See Hulk Fight Wolverine

While a few key Marvel Cinematic Universe heroes ended their journeys in Avengers: Endgame, not all of the veteran actors are ready to hang up their tights and capes just yet. Scarlett Johansson is returning for a Black Widow solo film, Chris Hemsworth's Thor is about to encounter some love and thunder, Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye is heading to Disney+, and Mark Ruffalo wants to extend The Incredible Hulk's tenure in the MCU as well.

At Tokyo Comic Con, Ruffalo told the crowd how he just pitched more Hulk movies to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, and he specifically said he wants to see Hulk face off against Wolverine. Read his quotes below.

ComingSoon brings word about Ruffalo's comments, which you can watch him deliver in the video below:

"Well, Kevin Feige just asked me last week if I had any more ideas or stories for the Hulk," Ruffalo explained to the crowd. "And I said, 'Yeah, I think there's still some stories to tell.' And he said, 'Well, why don't you come in and tell me about them and we'll see if we can find a place for you in the Marvel universe?'"

I don't speak Japanese so I can't be certain, but it sounds like the follow-up question may have been something along the lines of asking Ruffalo what specifically he might like to see, because the next thing out of his mouth was, "Hulk vs. Wolverine. I'd like to see that."

Those characters have faced off several times in the comics, including in Wolverine's very first appearance back in 1974 and more recently in a mid-2000s limited series written by Damon Lindelof. (That series opens with Wolverine waking up to discover that he's been ripped in half by the Hulk in a fight and realizing that Hulk has thrown his legs on top of a mountain, so he has to climb up there to get them. Rad.) The two also fought in a 2009 animated movie.

While the Wolverine aspect of a possible Hulk Wolverine movie would have caused some headaches in the past because Fox owned the rights to that character, those rights reverted back to Marvel Studios after Disney purchased Fox's film assets. The biggest obstacle now may be that, as far as we can tell, Universal still holds the rights to distribute solo Hulk movies. So unless Feige makes some sort of special deal with Universal, it seems like Ruffalo's Hulk is going to continue to serve as a supporting character in other characters' stories. But if he faces off against a newly-cast actor playing a new version of Logan in a solo Wolverine movie, that may be just the win-win scenario that Ruffalo has been hoping for.