Paramount Sets Release Dates For 'Paranormal Activity 7' And 'My Little Pony'

Two sure-to-be-terrifying films have been set for release dates by Paramount Pictures. First: Paranormal Activity 7 (which will probably end up with a title like Paranormal Activity: Ghost Zone or something dumb like that) will haunt audiences in March of 2021. Then, scariest of all, a new My Little Pony movie (spooooky!) will arrive in September of 2021.

The Paranormal Activity franchise was a major moneymaker, but it's been dormant since 2015's Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension. Now, Paramount is gearing up to revive the ghostly franchise with a seventh film – and that film now has a release date. Paranormal Activity 7 will give us all the creeps on March 19, 2021. Why they're releasing this in March and not, say, October is a mystery, but there you have it. No real details about the film are available at this time. We don't know who's directing it, and we don't even know what the plot will be. Is this going to tie directly into the continuity of the original series, or be a whole new story? We'll see.

The original franchise was almost an accident – the first film was ultra-low-budget, and most people had no idea what they were getting into. But the hype was real, and the success of the first Paranormal Activity helped create the horror powerhouse that is Blumhouse. Sequels were inevitable, and some of those sequels were pretty darn good. Eventually, though, the quality began to drop. Here's hoping this new installment will help pick things back up again.

If Paranormal Activity isn't to your liking, how about a My Little Pony movie? That's happening, too. And it will trot into theaters September 24, 2021. There already was a My Little Pony: The Movie released in 2017, but much like the new Paranormal Activity film, details about this new incarnation are non-existent. Is this a sequel? A reboot? Beats me!

Other Paramount movies in 2021 include a Micronauts film, a new Dungeons and Dragons movie, and, most exciting of all, a new Mission: Impossible sequel, which is the only thing mentioned in this entire article that I have any interest in. That opens July 23, 2021.