'Green Eggs & Ham' Trailer: There Aren't That Many Eggs Or Hams In This Netflix Series

Green Eggs & Ham has one of the simplest premises in a Dr. Seuss book. A character doesn't like green eggs and ham, and refuses to eat the dish — in any location — until another very enthusiastic character wears him down. It's all about being open-minded to trying new things, a message that comes across wonderfully in the brightly-colored 72-page picture book.

But how will Netflix turn that classic Dr. Seuss book into a multi-season TV series? By leaving out most of the eggs and ham in favor of a buddy-comedy road trip with Michael Douglas and Adam Devine, apparently. Watch Michael Douglas hate on breakfast foods in the Green Eggs and Ham trailer below.

Green Eggs and Ham Trailer

It's not enough anymore for Dr. Seuss stories to be remembered fondly as short and sweet fables that teach us about love or the environment. Now we must have the Dr. Seuss-verse (Seusseniverse?) with Netflix's expansion of the "world" of Green Eggs & Ham.

Created and executive produced by animation veteran Jared Stern, Green Eggs & Ham follows picky eater Guy Am I and eggs and ham-lover Sam I Am as they go on a road trip to rescue an endangered creature from a zoo. So, nothing to do at all with breakfast foods, huh?

But Stern told Variety that his intention was to frame the story as a "mismatched buddy" comedy, adding "But not only that, it's a road trip, because he won't eat them here, and he won't eat them there; he won't eat them in a car, in a boat, in a train. And so I was like, 'It's Planes, Trains and Automobiles. It's Midnight Run. Two of my favorite movies. I just love that genre, and so I was like, 'What if you did that genre but in a Seuss land?'"

Pitching the series as Midnight Run for kids is probably how they got Michael Douglas on board, whose grumpy take on Guy Am I sounds as confused as we are, watching this trailer. I'm honestly shocked that Douglas would board an entire Netflix series that will presumably go on for even more seasons, but as Dr. Seuss books always teach us: life is full of surprises.

Here is the synopsis for Green Eggs & Ham:

The story you know is just the start. This new adventure is off the charts. Hit the road with a whole new crew. There's Sam, Guy, and a Chickeraffe too. But how'd we turn this 50-word, Seussian spiel into a 13-episode meal? Our recipe starts "Here" and definitely goes "There." We added a "Box" full of "Fox", a "Boat" load of "Goat," and a "Mouse," on the "House." Try it in the "Rain" on a "Train" or go far in your "Car" to find a spot to park and stream it in the "Dark." Because, in case you were unaware, this show's miles ahead of "Anywhere!"

Green Eggs & Ham premieres on Netflix on November 8, 2019.