'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood' Re-Release Planned For This Weekend With New Scenes

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is already a long movie, but it's about to get even longer. Quentin Tarantino's latest is getting a re-release this weekend in more than 1,000 venues in the U.S. and Canada, and the re-release will feature four new scenes. The new scenes run a little over ten minutes, bumping the already 2 hour and 41-minute runtime up to 2 hours and 50-plus minutes.

Ready to head back to Hollywood? Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, one of the year's best films, is headed back to theaters this weekend – with new scenes to boot. There's no info on what these new scenes will be, but we know from various interviews that there was at least one extra scene with the briefly-seen Charles Manson, so that's likely to be included. There will be four additional scenes total, running a little over 10 minutes.

One thing that's not entirely clear here: will the additional scenes be edited into the film itself, making this a brand new cut of the film? Or will they be included at the end, like bonus post-credit scenes? Fandango has the film listed as an "Extended Cut", which suggests this might be a whole new cut of the film. "Audiences have shown tremendous support for this movie, and we look forward to offering them another opportunity to see the film as it's meant to be seen — in theaters on the big screen — with more sights and sounds of the sixties from Quentin Tarantino as an added treat," said Adrian Smith, Sony's president of domestic distribution.

The re-release comes on the heels of the news that the movie would not be opening in China. Hollywood is already a big hit, but Sony was still hoping on that box office boost from the China release. The reasoning behind the China blockage is rumored to be the film's less-than-rosy depiction of Bruce Lee. With that in mind there was an assumption that the film could still open in China if Tarantino removed the scene – but Tarantino declined. Now, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood will re-open in the states to make even more money.

For purely selfish reasons, I hope this re-release finally prompts news of when we'll be getting the movie on Blu-ray. Normally, a Blu-ray and digital release would've been announced by now, but Sony has been mum on the matter. Now that this is out there, make with the Blu-ray release, Sony. I need it in my life. But I guess I'll make do with the re-release for now.