A $75 Yearly 'Harry Potter' Subscription Service Will Be Available To Fans Willing To Take The Lot

Harry Potter fans are going to wish they had a secret Gringotts vault filled with treasure left to them, unbeknownst, for decades. Because it's about to get very expensive to prove you're a Potterhead. A new Harry Potter subscription service is being offered by Warner Bros. and Pottermore as a premium addition to the Wizarding World app that launched in August. Called Wizarding World Gold, this $75 a year subscription offers key discounts and exclusive events for fans, similar to Disney's D23 membership.The Verge has the details on the Wizarding World Gold membership, which will offer fans a new video series, discounted merchandise, special events, and all seven books in the main series for just $74.99 a year.

That's certainly a hefty prices for a fans of a fantasy franchise catered to children, but Warner Bros. and Pottermore are probably well aware that those kids are now adults who are willing to take the lot. Just look at the billions that Universal is raking in with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park land, and the thousands that are willing to shell out several hundred to watch a mostly okay Harry Potter play for eight hours. For the possibility of key discounts at "Wizarding World.com shop, Platform 9¾ store in London's King's Cross Station, and Warner Bros. Studio Tour stores in both London and Hollywood" and a Harry Potter vacation package at Universal Orlando Resort in Florida, Harry Potter fans will turn out in droves to become a Gold member.

Other exclusive offerings for Wizarding World Gold members include a personalized interactive journal that are embroidered with the member's name and their Hogwarts house, and are filled with "enchanted keys" spread throughout the pages that people "can scan with [their] Wizarding World app to unlock hidden secrets," according to the press release. The journal's keys will reportedly be updated every month to offer new artwork and activity prompts for fans. Synergy, swag, and micro-transactions, the core components of any fandom!

Next thing you know, Warner Bros. and Pottermore will take another cue from Disney and start hosting their own annual expo similar to D23, in which new movies, theme parks, and projects could be announced. Although on second thought, that sounds like a great idea and I would totally attend that — though I've never had the chance to go to the fan-run LeakyCon.

Wizarding World Gold memberships are available to preorder now, with each order coming with an exclusive collectible pin. Gift subscriptions will also be available in the coming months.