Exclusive 'The Gallows Act II' Clip Hints At The Return Of The Hangman

Remember The Gallows? It was a 2015 found-footage film that didn't exactly score the best reviews but ended up hauling in $43 million worldwide on a $100,000 budget. That's the type of hit that immediately earns a sequel, and sure enough, a Gallows sequel did get the greenlight in 2017. But all has been quiet on The Gallows front – until now. The Gallows Act II will arrive in select theaters and On Demand this month, and we have an exclusive clip to prepare you. Watch The Gallows 2 clip below.

The Gallows 2 Clip

In The Gallows, four high schoolers get trapped in their school after dark and are stalked by the malevolent ghost of a teen who died during the production of a school play. Here's the first film's synopsis:

In 1993, a freak accident involving a noose kills teenager Charlie Grimille during a high-school production of "The Gallows." Twenty years later, on the eve of the play's revival, students Reese (Reese Mishler), Pfeifer (Pfeifer Brown), Ryan (Ryan Shoos) and Cassidy become trapped in the auditorium, with no way of calling for help. A night of terror awaits the four friends as they face the wrath of a malevolent and vengeful spirit. It seems Charlie will have his curtain call after all.

The Gallows was a found footage flick that did its best to scare audiences without showing very much, and for some, it was successful. Now here comes The Gallows Act II. This sequel, which comes from the directors of the first film – Chris Lofing and Travis Cluff – appears to be foregoing the found footage style in favor of a more traditional narrative.

In The Gallows Act II, Auna Rue, a teenage vlogger/aspiring actress, logs onto a sinister website and is "soon trapped in the malevolent world of a cursed stage play, The Gallows. After performing a passage from the play for her tiny online fan base, Auna instantly achieves the stardom she seeks—as well as a twisted challenge from a deadly spirit: The Hangman." Throwing a haunted website into the mix certainly expands the mythology here, while also making this seem like an Unfriended sequel to boot.

Ema Horvath, Chris Milligan, and Brittany Falardeau all star in The Gallows Act II, with Jason Blum serving as one of the producers. The Gallows Act II arrives in select theaters, On Demand, and on digital October 25, 2019