'Truth Be Told' Trailer: Octavia Spencer May Have Wrongly Accused Aaron Paul Of Murder

Podcasting can be a dangerous vocation – especially if you're a true crime podcaster who may have accidentally condemned an innocent man to life in prison for a murder he did not commit. And even more so if you are that podcaster who decides to re-examine said murder case and uncovers even more secrets. Octavia Spencer stars as this podcaster in Truth Be Told, the upcoming Apple TV+ crime series that posits the question: what if Serial actually came up with a concrete answer?

Truth Be Told Trailer

Created by Nichelle Tramble Spellman and based on Kathleen Barber's novel Are You Sleeping, Truth Be Told follows a podcaster named Poppy Parnell (Spencer) who reopens a murder case that turned her into a national sensation when her coverage helped put suspect Warren Cave (Aaron Paul) behind bars for the murder of his father. But when new evidence emerges years later, Poppy begins to re-examine the case, unraveling a web of secrets and mysteries that lead her to believe that Warren may be innocent. But Warren is not too keen on Poppy visiting him, leading to a chilling confrontation between two acting greats.

Truth Be Told also stars Lizzy Caplan, Elizabeth Perkins, Michael Beach, Mekhi Phifer, Tracie Thoms, Haneefah Wood, and Ron Cephas Jones.

The series seems like a great showcase for both Spencer and Paul, though I wonder if their star power is enough to get people to subscribe to Apple TV+. Since his breakout Emmy-winning role in Breaking Bad, Paul has starred in a number of acclaimed series for streaming like The Path, which earned him critical praise but never gained much of an audience. Apple TV+ has certainly gathered an impressive roster of A-list names, but will that draw in new subscribers? We'll have to see.

Every truth has a consequence. When new evidence compels podcaster Poppy Parnell (Octavia Spencer) to reopen the murder case that made her a national sensation, she comes face to face with Warren Cave (Aaron Paul), the man she may have mistakenly helped to put behind bars. Her investigation navigates urgent concerns about privacy, media and race.

Truth Be Told premieres on the Apple TV app with an Apple TV+ subscription on December 6, 2019, just over a month after the streaming service debuts in early November.