'Jungle Cruise' Trailer: Dwayne Johnson And Emily Blunt Search For The Tree Of Life

Following the massive success of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, Disney is looking to another beloved Disney Parks attraction for their live-action films. Jungle Cruise is based on one of the first Disney Parks attractions, which takes passengers on a riverboat cruise through the major rivers of Asia, Africa, and South America. The film will narrow that location down to the Amazon, which serves as the mystical location of the mythic Tree of Life, which Dwayne Johnson's riverboat captain and Emily Blunt's scientist are searching for in the film directed by Jaume Collet-Serra. Watch the Jungle Cruise trailer below.

Jungle Cruise Trailer

Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt are showing off their sparkling chemistry in Jungle Cruise, which follows a boat captain (Johnson) tasked with taking a woman (Blunt) and her brother (Jack Whitehall) to a mythical tree with magical healing powers. It's a relatively simple adventure story that Johnson and Blunt have compared to the 1984 romantic comedy-adventure Romancing the Stone.

"The movie will be big and epic," Johnson said at the D23 presentation of Jungle Cruise earlier this summer. "It has romance, comedy, big action, and most importantly, it has me."

The Jungle Cruise ride was one of Walt Disney's first pet projects, a Disney Parks attraction that simulated a riverboat cruise down several major rivers of Asia, Africa and South America. Walt Disney himself was reportedly the very first skipper for the ride's opening day, which makes the upcoming Jungle Cruise an important live-action film for director Jaume Collet-Serra (The Commuter) to get right.

Written by Michael Green (Logan, Blade Runner 2049)Jungle Cruise is a period piece set in the early-1900s Amazon jungle. Jungle Cruise also stars Paul Giamatti, Edgar Wright, and Jesse Plemons.

Jungle Cruise is set to sail into theaters on  July 24, 2020.