Sequel Bits: 'Bond', 'Fast And Furious', 'Bad Boys', 'Avatar', 'Zombieland', 'Tremors', 'Escape Room', 'Dogma'

In this edition of Sequel Bits:

  • Phoebe Waller-Bridge might come back to write Bond 26.
  • The Dwayne Johnson/Vin Diesel Furious feud has apparently ended.
  • Bad Boys For Life gets a poster.
  • James Cameron really is still making those Avatar sequels, and there's an image to prove it!
  • Zombieland: Double Tap TV spot reintroduces the world of Zombieland.
  • Yes, of course there's a Tremors 7, why wouldn't there be?
  • Catch a brief behind-the-scenes look at the Escape Room sequel.
  • Kevin Smith says Harvey Weinstein inquired about Dogma 2 right before the sexual misconduct scandal broke.
  • And while we're on the subject of Kevin Smith, why not watch a Jay and Silent Bob Reboot clip? Or don't.
  • fleabag stage showPhoebe Waller-Bridge is riding high at the moment. She just won a ton of Emmy awards, people can't stop talking about Fleabag, and she's also a co-writer on the upcoming James Bond movie No Time To Die. And apparently, she might not be done with the world of Bond. A new report reveals that everyone on No Time To Die was so happy with Waller-Bridge's work that she might end up coming back to write future Bond movies. It's worth noting this comes from an unnamed source via the Mail Online, which isn't the most reputable of origins. But hey, we love Pheobe Waller-Bridge, and want only the best for her, so sure, give her Bond 26.

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    Has the Furious feud between Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel come to an end? Is our long national nightmare over? Maybe! Johnson took to Instagram to brag about the Hobbs and Shaw box office, and used the opportunity to send a message to Diesel in the process:

    "Last but not least, I want to thank brother Vin for your support of Hobbs & Shaw. I saw your post and I appreciate it. Lauren and I appreciate the wedding congratulations. We send love back. It was a very classy post and I appreciate it, brother...And, of course, all roads lead to one thing. I'll be seeing you soon, Toretto."

    There's been rumored bad blood between the two actors, with Johnson allegedly referring to Diesel as a "candy ass" at one point, and Diesel apparently not being pleased that Johnson was getting his own Furious spin-off vehicle. But maybe all of that is over now. Maybe we can finally find peace in our time. Johnson's "seeing you soon" line also indicates he might return to the Furious franchise propper, something it was rumored would never happen due to the feud. What a time to be alive!

    Yes, those Bad Boys are at it again with this Bad Boys For Life poster. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence both look very serious here, which means shit is about to get real. In this sequel, "The Bad Boys Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) are back together for one last ride in the highly anticipated Bad Boys for Life." Bad Boys For Life opens January 17, 2020.

    Just in case you thought your old pal James Cameron was just foolin' about those Avatar sequels, here is a behind-the-scenes pic of Cameron at work! Oddly enough, this shot – featuring what appears to be a smokestack and also lots and lots of water – looks more like a Titanic sequel than an Avatar film, but hey, Cameron gonna Cameron. Avatar 2, the first of several proposed sequels, will arrive on December 17, 2021. Maybe.

    If you've forgotten what happened in Zombieland – and you might have, since the movie came out a decade ago – there's a new video available to catch you up in time for the sequel, Zombieland: Double Tap. Or you could just rewatch the movie, I guess. But if you're too busy for that, just watch this instead. In this sequel, the lead cast – Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Abigail Breslin, and Emma Stone – reunite with director Ruben Fleischer. In the sequel, "through comic mayhem that stretches from the White House and through the heartland, these four slayers must face off against the many new kinds of zombies that have evolved since the first movie, as well as some new human survivors. But most of all, they have to face the growing pains of their own snarky, makeshift family." Zombieland: Double Tap opens October 18.

    Believe it or not, there have been six movies in the Tremors series. And now there's about to be seven! Michael Gross, the one original cast member who keeps coming back for these things, confirmed production has begun on the new entry, which is apparently called Tremors: Island Fury. Per Bloody Disgusting, the latest Tremors features this synopsis: "The deadly Graboids are back, illegally brought in to a new island resort by a rich playboy looking for a trophy hunt." Sure! Why not! By the way, the original Tremors is still a darn fine film. The sequels? Well, let's move on...

    Escape Room was a surprisingly fun Saw knock-off that managed to moderately well enough to score a sequel. And that sequel's director, Adam Robitel, took to Twitter to show off some behind-the-scenes goings-on. Not much here, just the construction of a big set. But Robitel promises "next level madness" for the sequel, so I guess that's something. Escape Room 2 arrives August 14, 2020.jay and silent bob matt damon

    There was a time when Dogma was Kevin Smith's most controversial movie. The film dealt with religious themes, and thus incurred the wrath of various religious organizations. Now, in retrospect, it looks rather tame. And as it turns out, we almost got a sequel. Speaking with Business Insider, Smith revealed that in 2017, producer Harvey Weinstein called him to talk about a sequel:

    "I said, 'Hey, how are you?' And he goes, 'You know, we have 'Dogma,' I just realized, and we got to get it out there again..."

    "Dogma," Smith's 1999 film starring Ben Affleck and Matt Damon as two fallen angels, has never been available on any streaming platform.

    "I said, 'We do! People online are always asking where they can get it,'" Smith said. "And he then goes, 'You know, that movie had a big cast, we might even be able to do a sequel.' And I was like, 'Yeah man, right on. I might think about that.' And he was like, 'We'll talk.' And a week later The New York Times story breaks. I felt sick to my stomach."

    The New York Times story Smith is referring to is, of course, the bombshell story that revealed multiple sexual misconduct allegations against Weinstein, and eventually lead to the end of his career.

    But wait, we're not done with Kevin Smith yet! There's a new clip from Smith's latest film, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. And...well... Look, Smith seems like a genuinely nice guy. And I'm thrilled that he bounced back so nicely from his near-fatal heart attack. But yeesh, every piece of footage from this new movie looks bad. But hey, maybe his hardcore fans will dig it. And that's fine!