'The Grudge' Trailer: The Horror Series Lives Again With The Director Of 'The Eyes Of My Mother'

According to the tagline of the 2004 remake of The Grudge, "It never forgives. It never forgets." And it apparently never goes away for very long, because there's a new Grudge headed our way. But this latest incarnation boasts some serious talent. Nicolas Pesce, director of the stupendously creepy The Eyes of My Mother, is at the helm, and he's assembled a cast that includes Andrea Riseborough, John Cho, and Betty Gilpin. The trailer for Pesce's reboot just dropped, and you might like what you see. Watch The Grudge trailer below.

The Grudge Trailer

I'll confess that when I first heard a new Grudge reboot was on the way, I rolled my eyes. But then I learned Nicolas Pesce was directing, and I perked right up. Pesce's feature debut The Eyes of My Mother is one of the most haunting horror films I've ever seen, and his follow-up Piercing was pretty damn good as well. With that in mind, I'm now excited to see what he does with this material.

Pesce spoke with EW about the film, and offered some insight into what we can expect:

"The beauty of The Grudge franchise, both the American and Japanese iterations, is it's an anthology series. Every movie is a different story of different characters having different interactions with this curse. In today's age where we're remaking everything, I thought it would be fun to dive into The Grudge universe where we don't have to remake anything, but rather a new chapter in this canon."

So rather than just retell the story that was told in the original Grudge and it's 2004 remake, Pesce's film is something new. That said, it's also set in 2004, during the same time as the events of the first remake. But while that film was set in Japan, this new Grudge is set in America. Andrea Riseborough plays a cop who gets involved with a case that's tied into the curse from the film series in some way.

"We follow her, as well as two other storylines, that are all interacting with this grudged house in small town America," Pesce says in the EW interview. "Like the old films, it's a tapestry of three different stories that interweave and all take place at slightly different times, centered around this one house that's at the center of this case that this cop is working on."

The Grudge will haunt audiences on January 3, 2020.