Martin Scorsese Reveals He Loves 'Hereditary' During 40-Minute Q&A

Martin Scorsese is out there hyping up his latest masterpiece The Irishman, but he's also taking time to sing the praises of other people's films as well. During a Q&A at the New York Film Festival, Scorsese opened up about his love of Ari Aster's Hereditary, praising the movie's family dynamic above its horror elements. You can watch the full 40-minute Martin Scorsese Q&A below.

Martin Scorsese Q&A

I'm no filmmaker, but if I were, and Martin Freakin' Scorsese came out and sang the praises of my debut feature, I'd probably lose my dang mind. So I'm sure director Ari Aster got a bit of a pleasant surprise when he learned that Scorsese got up on stage at the New York Film Festival and talked about how much he dug Aster's Hereditary.

"That's a remarkable film," Scorsese says, going on to single out the now-infamous dinner scene where Hereditary star Toni Collette goes completely bonkers and lashes out at her family. "The restraint in the frame is extraordinary," Scorsese continues. "Again there's one cut – one camera move when [Toni Collette] stands up that's quite something. The restraint in the frame is extraordinary...I try to watch's very hard sometimes to be able to find the time, and when you do, something that stands out is amazing. This did. I was really electrified by the dynamic, which is expressed in this scene."

Scorsese goes on to admit that he's "forgotten" some of Hereditary's story and that while he appreciates the movie's horror, what he's really taken with is the movie's family dynamic, and how Hereditary isn't just a scary movie – it's a movie about a family unit. "Disturbing, there's no doubt, it's a horror film in that way. But it's more than that. It reminds of the best of horror films," Scorsese says, adding: "Now the story, I've forgotten some of it I'm sorry, but what I didn't forget was the family, the three of them. That's what's important in terms of this filmmaker. And these actors, they're astounding. Toni Collette, I mean..."

The entire Q&A is worth watching because Scorsese is one of those filmmakers who know so much about movies and is so fascinating to listen to. So carve out 40 minutes of free time and check it out.

Scorsese's The Irishman opens in select theaters November 1 and arrives on Netflix November 27.