Yet Another Original 'Halloween' Cast Member Is Returning For 'Halloween Kills'

Halloween Kills is shaping up to be quiet the reunion. Several characters from John Carpenter's original Halloween have been announced to return for the upcoming sequel, and now here comes another: Nancy Stephens as Nurse Marion Chambers. Stephens played the character in Carpenter's 1978 film, Halloween II in 1981, and again in Halloween H20: 20 Years Later in 1998. Now she'll step back into the part for David Gordon Green's sequel to his 2018 Halloween.

Just what is David Gordon Green cooking up for Halloween Kills? His 2018 Halloween brought back Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode, but with Halloween Kills, he keeps adding more and more characters from John Carpenter's classic. The latest is Nurse Marion Chambers, with Nancy Stephens reprising the role, per Halloween Movies . In the original film, Chambers was a nurse at Smith's Grove Sanitarium, where Michael Myers was being kept. Myers busted out on Halloween night and attacked Marion and her colleague, Dr. Sam Loomis, stealing Marion's car in the process. In Halloween II, Marion revealed to Dr. Loomis that Laurie Strode was Michael Myers' long-lost sister, given up for adoption when she was a child. Finally, in Halloween H20, we learned that Marion had become Dr. Loomis' caretaker up until his death. At the start of the film, Michael Myers shows up at Marion's house and murders her.

Right about now you might be wondering how the character can be coming back for Halloween Kills if she was bumped-off in Halloween H2o. The answer is simple: that movie doesn't exist in the current timeline. Neither does Halloween II, for that matter. In the universe of David Gordon Green's Halloween franchise, only the events of John Carpenter's 1978 original are cannon. Which means Laurie Strode is no longer Michael Myers' sister, and Marion is no longer dead.

The growing-list of original characters returning for Halloween Kills includes:

  • Tommy Doyle, one of the kids Laurie babysat, now being played as an adult by Anthony Michael Hall.
  • Lindsey Wallace, another kid babysat by Laurie, with original actress Kyle Richards returning to the part.
  • Lonnie Elam, who used to bully Tommy as a kid, now played by Robert Longstreet.
  • Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, and Andi Matichak are all returning as the surviving Strode women, who will (presumably) once again have to deal with Michael Myers. Halloween Kills is due out October 16, 2020, followed by a conclusion to this new trilogy, Halloween Ends, opening on October 15, 2021.