A24 Books Will Highlight 'Moonlight', 'The Witch', And 'Ex Machina'

A24 has quickly risen to be a recognizable name in the film world. From humble beginnings, they've sprung up to release Oscar-winning films like Moonlight. They're not just a distributor – they're a brand, and a popular one at that. A24 has already branched out into products: clothing, candles, and so on. Now they're adding books to the list, too. A new line of A24 books will launch next week, devoted to MoonlightThe Witch, and Ex Machina, respectively. Each book will contain the film in question's screenplay, along with other features like essays, stills, and more.

Yes, hello, A24? I'd like all of these, please. The might indie distributor is set to launch A24 books on September 30, 2019 kicking off with these three titles. The books will "celebrate the singular vision and unbridled artistry of noted writer-directors, showcasing how they saw their films through from script to screen." And yes, the books will contain the full scripts for each film, as well as some additional extras.

The Witch features:

  • A conversation between Robert Eggers and David D. Hall
  • Production Sketches by Robert Eggers
  • Short fiction by Carmen Maria Machado
  • Ex Machina contains:

  • Essays by Jack Halberstam and Murray Shanahan
  • Concept art by Jock
  • And Moonlight offers:

  • Forward by Frank Ocean
  • Essay by Hilton Als
  • Academy Award Acceptance speeches
  • All of these sound like must-haves, especially The Witch – which is one of my favorite movies of all time. Not only am I excited for those production sketches, I'm also stoked for the short story by Carmen Maria Machado, who is a fantastic author. Here is a glimpse inside each book.

    The only setback here: each book will run you $60, and that's a bit steep for a cheapskate like me. Still, I'll probably shell out the dough for that Witch book anyway, because it looks incredible. But I (and you, dear reader) will have to act fast, as these are limited editions of 2000. Which means they'll probably sell out incredibly quickly.

    Hopefully, this is just the start, and A24 will release books for their other films as well – I'd love books devoted to Under the SkinEnemy, and the upcoming The Lighthouse, for starters.

    You'll be able to purchase the books at the A24 store here.