'For All Mankind' Trailer: Apple TV+ Series Imagines An Alternate History Of The Space Race

In Ronald D. Moore's new Apple TV+ series, For All Mankind, the future is female. The producer behind Battlestar Galactica and Outlander presents a new take on the space race, in an alternate-history series that imagines what would happen if Russia beat the United States in getting a man on the moon. Watch the For All Mankind trailer below.

For All Mankind Trailer

In 1969, the U.S. became the first country to send a man to the moon. But an upcoming Apple TV+ series presents an alternate history in which that didn't happen. Instead, in For All Mankind, Russia is the first to send a man to the moon, beating the U.S. in the fierce space race that the two countries engaged in for the better part of a decade. So what next? In a bid to outdo their Cold War opponent, the U.S. opts to send the first woman to the moon, which offers a whole new obstacle considering NASA didn't have any female astronauts at the time. The Apple TV+ series chronicles the government scrambling for candidates and the brave women who step up to the plate.

It's an intriguing premise and a nicely progressive one at that, but it makes one wonder: can For All Mankind sustain this premise for more than one season? Or perhaps this will only be the kick-off for a whole new alt-history that the series will chart out, from 1969 to present day. That would be an interesting idea (how might witnessing a female astronaut walk on the moon inspire the next generation?), and under the guidance of Ronald D. Moore, who has shown he has a deft hand when it comes to balancing high-concept sci-fi with character drama, For All Mankind may be a series to watch. Joel Kinnaman, Michael Dorman, Wrenn Schmidt, Shantel VanSanten, Sarah Jones, and Jodi Balfour star in For All Mankind.

Here's the synopsis for For All Mankind:

For All Mankind is created by Emmy® Award winner Ronald D. Moore (Outlander, Battlestar Galactica), Matt Wolpert and Ben Nedivi. Told through the lives of NASA astronauts, engineers and their families, For All Mankind presents an aspirational world where NASA and the space program remained a priority and a focal point of our hopes and dreams.

For All Mankind is debuting at the launch of Apple TV+ on November 1, 2019.