'Dollface' Trailer: Kat Dennings Bonds With Female Friends And Feline Game Show Hosts

Kat Dennings is trading being a broke girl for being a sad girl in the Margot Robbie-produced Hulu series Dollface. As a woman fresh out of a longterm relationship, Dennings must turn to a literal cat lady to guide her to the new, scary world of female friendships. Watch the Dollface trailer below.

Dollface Trailer

Dennings plays Jules, a young woman who is suddenly broken up with by her longtime boyfriend of five years, and is left aimless and without any friends. So, instead of turning into the proverbial cat lady, she turns to an imaginary anthropomorphic cat lady who helps steer her toward rekindling the female friendships she had previously abandoned. It's a fun play on the idea of single women being associated with the lonely cat-centric life, while adding a degree of whimsy to a fairly straightforward female-centric drama.

The series looks like a fun, surreal comedy, with Jules taking solace in old friends played by Brenda Song, Shay Mitchell, and Esther Povitsky, and occasionally making visits to her imaginary world where the aforementioned cat lady helps her through life's tough decisions via quirky gimmicks like a game show. It's whimsical and a little weird, which is enough of a sell for me in the world of Peak TV. Plus the director of 2017's Ingrid Goes WestMatt Spicer, helms the pilot, which suggests the series will have a wacky flair to it.

Dollface is created by Jordan Weiss who writes for the series and serves as an executive producer alongside Robbie, Stephanie Laing, Brett Hedblom, Bryan Unkeless, Scott Morgan, Nicole King, and Kat Dennings.

Here is the synopsis for Dollface:

Dollface follows Jules (Kat Dennings), a young woman who – after being dumped by her longtime boyfriend – must deal with her own imagination in order to literally and metaphorically re-enter the world of women, and rekindle the female friendships she left behind.

Dollface premieres on Hulu on November 15, 2019.