'Are You Afraid Of The Dark?' Reboot Trailer Invites You To The Carnival Of Doom

Are You Afraid of the Dark?, the classic Nickelodeon TV series in which Canadian kids sat around a campfire and told spooky stories, is getting a new lease on life. The show has been rebooted into a new limited series that pits a new group of youths against things that go bump in the night. The original ambitious plan was to have the limited series lead directly into a feature film, but the fate of the movie is now in limbo. For now, we can get our thrills and chills from the reboot arriving this October. Watch the Are You Afraid of the Dark reboot trailer below.

Are You Afraid of the Dark Reboot Trailer

When I was a wee lad, Are You Afraid of the Dark? was a big deal. I was (and still am) obsessed with all-things-spooky, which made the show – an anthology horror series aimed at younger audiences – a must-watch. This was the set-up: the Midnight Society, a group of really nerdy kids, would gather in the woods to tell each other scary stories. Those stories would then unfold before our eyes. Some were genuinely creepy, some were silly, but all were pretty damn entertaining.

Now, Are You Afraid of the Dark? lives again with a new limited series debuting this October. In this three-episode series, a new Midnight Society finds that the scary stories they tell are coming to life. This is pretty much the same plot as the Goosebumps movie, but I'll admit there's a legitimately creepy vibe on display in this trailer, and I'm sure younger audiences with a penchant for horror are going to love it.

The series stars Sam Ashe Arnold, Miya Cech, Tamara Smart, Jeremy Taylor, Lyliana Wray, and Rafael Casal as a character named Mr. Tophat. At one time, there was a big plan to have this miniseries lead into an Are You Afraid of the Dark? movie, which would hit theaters this October. But that's no longer the case, as "behind-the-scene changes" have stalled the project out. The status of the movie is now up in the air.

Are You Afraid of the Dark? kicks-off October 11.