'Little Monsters' Trailer: It's Lupita Nyong'o Vs. Zombies In Hulu's Horror Comedy

Have you ever wanted to see Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong'o smash some zombie skulls with a shovel? Look no further than the trailer for Little Monsters, a new horror comedy in which she plays a kindergarten teacher who must fight to save her students when a zombie outbreak happens during a field trip. Hulu scooped up the movie after it premiered at this year's Sundance Film Festival, but read on to find out how you can see it in a theater for one day only before it lands on the streaming service.

Little Monsters Trailer

Little Monsters is written and directed by Abe Forsythe (Down Under), and played at both Sundance and the South by Southwest Film Festival earlier this year. I caught it at Sundance and wasn't overly impressed by it, but /Film's Ethan Anderton found a lot more to enjoy. Here's a quick excerpt from his review:

Honestly, it's kind of amazing that the Oscar-winning 12 Years a Slave actress is in a movie that is full of crass, vulgar, and juvenile humor. But as the movie unfolds and the zombie invasion is unleashed, it becomes clear that there's a little more happening under the hood. This isn't just a simple zombie comedy using profanity and inappropriate behavior for laughs. And it's not just using zombies just for the sake of blood and gore. It's a movie about subverting personal expectations, growing up when it matters most, and understanding that not everyone should be defined by their perceived surface-level strengths and weaknesses, whether it's in the throes of childhood or in the struggle of adulthood.

Nyong'o is unquestionably the shining star of this film, and she co-stars with Alexander England, who plays the protagonist Dave (who barely gets any screen time in this trailer), and Josh Gad, who plays a child entertainer who's so vulgar and awful that he'd boot Frozen's Olaf the snowman into the sun without a second thought if the opportunity presented itself.

Here's the film's official synopsis:

Dave (Alexander England), a washed-up musician, volunteers to chaperone his nephew's kindergarten field trip after taking a shine to the plucky schoolteacher, Miss Caroline (Lupita Nyong'o). Dave's intentions are complicated by the presence of world-famous child entertainer and competitor for Miss Caroline's affections, Teddy McGiggle (Josh Gad). One thing none of them bargained for, however, is a sudden zombie outbreak, from which Dave and Miss Caroline must protect the children.

Little Monsters will be available to stream on Hulu on October 11, 2019, but it's also getting a special one night only theatrical release on October 8, 2019, which includes a live-stream Q&A with Forsythe, Nyong'o, and England. Tickets for that are available at LilMonstersMov.com.