'Let Them All Talk' About Steven Soderbergh's Secret New Movie

After a brief hiatus, Steven Soderbergh is making up for lost time. Earlier this year he released High Flying Bird, a Netflix movie shot on iPhones. His next movie, The Laundromat, will play at TIFF and the Venice Film Festival next month. And now it looks like he's shooting a secret project. That project is Let Them All Talk, which will star Meryl Streep and Gemma Chan. While the plot of the movie remains a mystery, we're always up for more Soderbergh.

A couple days ago, Steven Soderbergh took to Twitter to casually reveal news of a new project:

Up until now, Let Them All Talk wasn't on anyone's radar. The good folks at The Playlist were able to get some more details: Let Them All Talk is Soderbergh's next feature-length movie, and it will star Meryl Streep (The Iron Lady) and Gemma Chan (Crazy Rich Asians). Streep also appears in Soderbergh's The Laundrymat. As you can see above, Soderbergh is shooting the film on the new RED Komodo Dragon camera, which is supposed to be "the new platinum standard for digital cameras." The Playlist says Soderbergh will be shooting in New York City this week, "before whisking away to a remote location outside the U.S. where no one will be available to do service work on the camera at all." (This will be the first official project to utilize the new camera, hence the talk about employees potentially needing to be on site to fix any bugs.)

There's no indication of where Let Them All Talk might end up, but a streaming service is the best bet, as many – including Netflix – are interested in snapping it up. And unlike some other filmmakers, Soderbergh is not one to shy away from the streaming angle. He's always been a director interested in technology and experimentation, and his biggest concern is getting the movie out there.

In 2013, Soderbergh grew so disenchanted with the filmmaking process he announced his retirement. But the filmmaker's retirement turned into more of a hiatus, and he ended up directing every episode of the TV series The Knick. In 2016, Soderbergh returned to filmmaking with the heist comedy Logan Lucky, which was followed by the thriller Unsane. Neither film was a particular box office success, though. Which probably explains why Soderbergh's next film, High Flying Bird, ended up at Netflix. Soderbergh tends to shoot fast, so I wouldn't be surprised if he wraps up Let Them All Talk quickly, and we learn more about the project soon.