Video: /Film Visits The 'It: Chapter Two' Experience In Hollywood

Two years after director Andy Muschietti's Stephen King adaptation It became a global sensation, it's almost time to return to the fictional town of Derry, Maine and watch the Losers Club face off against Pennywise once again in It: Chapter Two.

Back in 2017, Warner Bros. pulled out all the stops to recreate the movie's spooky Neibolt House in Hollywood at the corner of Hollywood and Vine, and now, to celebrate the new sequel, they've recreated a creepy carnival at that same location. Here's what the It Experience is like this time around.

It Chapter Two Experience

While this year's experience has its charms (there are some scares that I wasn't allowed to show you in this video, so you'll have to check it out in person to get properly spooked), I must admit I was slightly more impressed with the 2017 version. That one seemed like more of an immersive story experience, taking guests into the first film's Neibolt house, and even though many of the rooms within that two-story structure shouldn't have technically been set inside of the house (example: you could walk around in one of the Losers Club members' garages, which obviously isn't located inside Neibolt house in the world of the story), it still gave you the feeling you were stepping inside King's novel.

In contrast, this year's house recreates It: Chapter Two's Derry Canal Days Festival and Funhouse, a setting that is not featured in the book. And since I haven't seen It: Chapter Two yet, it's sort of tough to judge how accurate this experience is to the new movie. Still, there are some familiar locations inside, like Mrs. Kersh's house and the Jade of the Orient Chinese restaurant where the Losers reunite when they return to Derry in the story.

Plus, there are plenty of fun little festive touches outside, from the creepy, off-key carnival music leaking out of the speakers to a few stands set up for games like ring toss with employees manning the stations to help out. There's a nice little gift shop area, too, for anyone who wants to take home a Pennywise shirt, backpack, Funko pop, or (naturally) a red balloon.

It: Chapter Two arrives in theaters on September 6, 2019, and the It Experience will be up and running in Hollywood from now until September 8, 2019.