'Candy Corn' Trailer: Welcome To Dr. Death's Sideshow Spookhouse Spectacular

Is there any treat more synonymous with Halloween than tri-colored candy corn? Filmmaker Josh Hasty (In Hell Everybody Loves Popcorn) hopes not, given how his newest movie names itself after the waxy, sugary kernels. His upcoming feature Candy Corn looks cobbled from all of October's witchy, malevolent, pumpkin-spiced accents, as a small town's "freaks" take their revenge around All Hallow's Eve. Distribution company Dread was quick to acquire this holiday tale of ghouls and graveyard delights, adding Hasty's undead brand of revenge to their ever-growing catalog.With summer coming to a close and trees soon embracing autumn colorization, we have the first Candy Corn trailer for all you hungry horror fans out there.

Candy Corn Trailer

Opening on "Carnival Horror" is one surefire way to grab my attention. "Dr. Death's Sideshow Spookhouse Spectacular" promises the grisliest show on Earth, establishing a black magic storyline where bullies face their due comeuppance. The film's throwback vibes remind us of 1980s slaughter flicks hinged on nothing more than necromantic justice to be served unto characters who, let's face it, deserve what's coming their way. Halloween masks, abandoned attractions, and summoned murderers are all comfortably familiar, and Hasty's not looking to play any tricks on seasonal horror appreciators.Hasty stitches together what looks to be a hopeful Halloween monster mash on a fun-sized budget, bringing do-it-yourself charm to the indie horror genre – and with a little help from some familiar genre faces, no less. Astute eyes will glimpse assorted horror veterans throughout Candy Corn's cast. P.J. Soles (Carrie, Halloween), Tony Todd (Candyman, Final Destination), and Courtney Gains (Children Of The Corn, The 'Burbs) all find themselves under the curse of Dr. Death (Pancho Moler), tormented by bearded ladies and instructed not to roam freely after dark.

Here's the film's official synopsis:

It's the eve of Halloween in Grove Hill, Ohio. A traveling carnival is in town for the weekend and local outcast, Jacob Atkins, has been hired as one of the freaks in the event's main attraction, "Dr. Death's Side Show Spook House Spectacular." Meanwhile, a group of local bullies are planning their annual public hazing of Jacob, but this year, things go too far.

Candy Corn is set to hit limited cinemas on September 13, 2019 with a home release rollout on VOD/Blu-ray September 17, 2019.