'Mary' Trailer: It's Gary Oldman And Emily Mortimer Versus A Haunted Boat

Gary Oldman and Emily Mortimer are far from the shallow now, and they have to deal with an angry haunted boat while they're at it. The two award-winning actors star in Mary, a horror film from the writer of The Shallows that follows a family that sets off on an open-water trip on a renovated boat that turns out to be haunted. Watch the Mary trailer below.

Mary Trailer

Michael Goi directs a script by Anthony Jaswinski, the writer of the pulpy monster movie The Shallows, who seems to have taken a liking to aquatic horror. The premise of Mary: What if a family haunted house movie, but on a tiny boat in the middle of nowhere! The film follows David, a blue-collar sea captain who buys a curious abandoned ship and renovates it for his family to take on an open-sea trip. But when strange supernatural events start happening, they discover there is more to the boat than meets the eye.

The story does stretch logic a little (how does David's wife discover papers detailing the boat's ominous disappearances while they're in the middle of the sea? Who decided to cast Gary Oldman as a blue-collar captain?) but Mary seems like an unusual film that could end up drawing out of a few scares. Jennifer Esposito and Stefanie Scott also star in Mary.

Here is the synopsis for Mary:

David (Academy Award Winner Gary Oldman) is a struggling blue-collar captain looking to make a better life for his family. Strangely drawn to an abandoned ship that is up for auction, David impulsively buys the boat, believing it will be his family's ticket to happiness and prosperity. But soon after they embark on their maiden journey, strange and frightening events begin to terrorize David and his family, causing them to turn on one another and doubt their own sanity. With tensions high, the ship drifts off course, and it becomes horrifyingly clear that they are being lured to an even greater evil out at sea.

Mary hits theaters and On Demand/Digital HD on October 11, 2019.