Star Wars Bits: Arcade Cabinet Game For Sale, More Galaxy's Edge Details, The Mandalorian, And More

In this edition of Star Wars Bits:

  • Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is even more immersive than I initially thought
  • Jon Favreau gives a brief update on The Mandalorian
  • You can pre-order a Star Wars arcade game cabinet that's more than five feet tall
  • Check out some very cool Jedi cosplay photos shared by Mark Hamill
  • And more!
  • Galaxy's Edge droids

    I thought I knew nearly everything there was to know about Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge from the extensive coverage here on /Film, but even though Peter mentioned in one of his videos that there's an in-world radio station which you can hear in the restrooms, I had no idea how deep that rabbit hole went. says that Pablo Hidalgo voices the DJ in that galactic broadcast, there's a Wookiee shampoo commercial – and there's even more, too:

    "Not only do we have commercials, we have this podcast we call the Hutt hour," says [Margaret] Kerrison, [managing story editor for Walt Disney Imagineering]. "There's this protocol droid having droids call in for their various needs. We have a podracing sequence, and a holochess tournament going on somewhere on Batuu," she adds, narrated by the hushed tones of a whispering commentator. "All of these things to build this rich tapestry of the culture of our land."

    That is awesome, and I love how details like this continue to elude even people who have been to the new expansion a dozen times already. What else don't we know about Galaxy's Edge?

    Star Wars arcade game cabinetCBR points us to this Star Wars game arcade cabinet that's currently available to pre-order from GameStop for a cool $499.99. It includes the three games based on the original trilogy, and comes with comes with a light up marquee, full-color 17" display, dual speakers, and a real-feel flight yoke and control buttons that'll make you feel like you're standing in Aladdin's Castle at your local childhood mall.

    Jon Favreau has moved into the scoring portion of his work on season one of The Mandalorian, which debuts on Disney+ this November.

    Mark Hamill shared these awesome pics from Star Wars fan and amputee Angel Giuffria, who looks like a "force" to be reckoned with. And not for nothing, "Angel Giuffria" sounds like an excellent Star Wars character name.

    Jedi-Bibliothek has a preview of some pages of the upcoming Star Wars comic Allegiance, a four-part miniseries that is set before the events of The Rise of Skywalker. Head over there to see the rest of the pages, but it looks like Finn needs to work on his reflexes a bit if he's going to avoid getting knocked around in a street fight. Star Wars: Allegiance hits shelves on October 9, 2019.