'The Lion King' Continues To Roar At The Weekend Box Office As Tarantino Scores Career-Best Opening Weekend

Disney's The Lion King continues to rule the box office, but it had some adult competition over the weekend. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, the latest from Quentin Tarantino, ended up raking in a hefty sum as well, earning Tarantino his best box office opening weekend ever. Even if you're not a fan of Hollywood, you have to admit seeing an adult-driven, non-Disney movie finally go over well with audiences this summer is a breath of a fresh air.

The summer box office has been a bit dire for everyone other than Disney. But over the weekend, there was a glimmer of hope for non-Disney films – in the form of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Despite its big marketing push and movie star headliners, Hollywood isn't exactly what you'd call a typical summer movie. And yet, audiences were in the mood for what Quentin Tarantino had to offer. The flick had a $40.35 million domestic debut, making it the best opening of Tarantino's career.

Whatever you think of Hollywood – I think it's one of the best movies of the year, but it has more than a few detractors – it's nice to see a non-franchise, non-IP, non-superhero, non-remake, R-rated movie do well with audiences, especially in a summer that's been dominated by all things Disney.

Speaking of which, The Lion King continued to come out on top. It took in $75.5 million during its second weekend in theaters. On one hand, it's total two week haul ($350,775,534) is higher than what Aladdin, another Disney remake from this year, has earned in total so far ($344,455,270). On the other hand, as Forbes reports, that's a 60% drop from last weekend's $191.8 million debut.

The Lion King is a hit, but it's not quite the hit Disney might have hoped for. Still, it's impossible to feel bad for the House of Mouse, since they control pretty much every box office hit these days. Elsewhere at the weekend box office, Spider-Man: Far from Home came in third, Toy Story 4 held on a fourth, and Crawl sat at fifth. This weekend sees the release of Hobbs and Shaw, which is sure to draw a crowd.