'The Fanatic' Trailer: John Travolta Becomes Jason Voorhees For Director Fred Durst

We may never get a new Friday the 13th movie, but here's the next best thing: The Fanatic! This thriller from director Fred Durst (yes, that Fred Durst) features John Travolta as a crazy fan stalking his favorite celebrity. And part of that stalking apparently involves a scene where Travolta dresses up exactly like Jason Voorhees and brandishes a knife. Oh, and did I mention Travolta's character name is Moose? How can you not want to see this movie at this point? Watch The Fanatic trailer below.

The Fanatic Trailer 

It's hard to not be curious about The Fanatic, the feature directorial debut from Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst. The movie stars John Travolta, sporting a terrible haircut, as a crazy person named Moose. Moose is obsessed with a movie star, played by Devon Sawa, and he's decided to stalk him. We've seen plenty of movies with the "fan stalks star" premise before, but the fact that this one is directed by Fred Durst and stars John Travolta makes the whole endeavor extra curious. I have no idea how this movie will turn out, but I have to admit: after watching this trailer, my interest in seeing it has skyrocketed.

I'm not saying The Fanatic looks good. But it certainly doesn't look boring – and that's something. Then you throw in the tidbit about John Travolta dressing up in a full Jason Voorhees costume. That's too good to miss, folks. Here's the synopsis:

Moose is a rabid movie fan who is obsessed with his favorite celebrity action hero, Hunter Dunbar. When he is cheated out of his opportunity to finally meet Hunter, Moose gets a little help from his friend Leah, a well-connected paparazzi photographer, who knows how to find celebrity homes. Moose turns to stalking to get the celebrity interaction he feels he deserves, and while harmless at first, Moose's actions begin to take a dark turn as his obsession grows stronger. As the visits continue to escalate, Hunter Dunbar finds himself in increasing danger.

The Fanatic arrives on August 30, 2019.