Video: The Coolest Art At Comic-Con 2019

Watch as Peter searches the show floor of San Diego Comic-Con International 2019 for the coolest pop-culture art.

The Coolest Art at Comic Con 2019

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Artists featured in the video:

Adam Hoppus: Stranger Things print mix of season one and two, Wayne's World, Beetlejuice, Metroid, and a mix of personal work.David Pryor: Gizmo arcade print. He started in animation working for Warner Bros, he did animation for Tiny Toons and Animaniacs in the 90's. Florida WDW Magic Kingdom castle print was done for a friend of his for his 40th birthday.Kehasuk: Miyazaki print.JSalvador Super Emo Friends: Really funny emo art featuring your favorite characters.Steph Dere: Storyboard and character artist does freelance work for short films and commercials. Return of the Jedi Miyazaki mash up. Totoro as Star Wars characters comic called Toto Wars.Justin Orr: Love his style but doesn't come out with new stuff that often.DKE Toys: Keanu series action figures. They make custom toys out of old action figures.ACME Archives  J.J. Lendl Star Wars prequels prints, RoTJ, Raiders. Eric Tan Indiana Jones canvases $145. Tom Whalen Treehouse of Horror 4 in a floating frame. Danny Haas Ashoka print. Craig Skaggs Han Solo in carbonite $1000 on canvas or $79 on paper.Penelope Gaylord: Couple prints, Spiderverse, Disney dogs.Rob Reep: Mashups Birds/ Star Wars, Ready Player One / GotgBryan K Turner: Spiderverse prints.Katie Cook: Has a line to make custom printsAngie Hu: Cat superheroes.Peter V. Nguyen: Women of DC comics print.William Stout: Kong Skull Island, Jurassic ParkAndy Park: Director of visual development at Marvel Studios. Prints and original art for sale.Joey Spiotto: JoeBot turns movies, tv shows, music into cute storybook style children's book covers and record albums.Scott Benefiel: Spiderverse, Miyazaki, Hermione from Harry Potter.Daniel Danger: Doesn't do a lot of pop culture pieces, he mainly does moody landscapes. IT piece for Mondo. Batman on top of closed franchises.100% Soft: He makes a lot of the emojis that you see on Twitter. He did the Star Wars emojis and a lot of emojis for Disney movies. Limited edition avengers posters for the convention. Dumpster fire toy only 60 made.Patrick Ballesteros: His newest series has two characters communicating with each other with cans. You can mix and match. He's known for his 25 cent wonder series. 3 new Game of Thrones pieces for Comic-Con.

Apologies for not including Mondo and Scott C, they were both featured in my preview night video or else they would be in this one as well.