'Don't Let Go' Trailer: David Oyelowo Tries To Stop A Murder That Already Happened

Don't Let Go premiered at this year's Sundance Film Festival under the somewhat clunky title Relive. It didn't make much of an impression at the fest, but now Blumhouse hopes audiences will be interested enough based on its much better title, and its pretty engaging trailer. The film stars David Oyelowo as a cop who suffers a terrible blow when members of his family, including his beloved niece (Storm Reid), are murdered. Then things get even weirder when the dead niece calls Oyelowo's character on the phone...from the past. Watch the Don't Let Go trailer below.

Don't Let Go Trailer

"After Detective Jack Radcliff's (David Oyelowo) family appears to be victim of a mysterious murder, he receives a startling phone call from his niece (Storm Reid), seemingly from the past. Now Jack must race to unravel a mystery to prevent a death that has already happened." That's the synopsis for Don't Let Go, and if the premise sounds familiar, it should – it's almost the exact same plot as Frequency. In that above-average sci-fi thriller, a man ends up talking with his dead father on a ham radio, and the two of them work to prevent a murder. Still, there are enough similarities here to give Don't Let Go its own flavor.

Our own Ben Pearson saw Don't Let Go at Sundance, where it went under the title Relive, and wasn't entirely impressed:

Great premise, right? But even though Relive has a killer hook, the movie stumbles through a minefield of familiar tropes and preposterous moments as its protagonists traverse its twisty narrative. Oyelowo is such a talented actor that he made me invest in this story even during its most eye-rolling scenes, bringing a palpable sadness and desperation to his performance. He's a movie star, taking the audience along on this inexplicable ride and always remaining just grounded enough for us to stay with him. Reid, who was good in A Wrinkle in Time even when that movie faltered, pulls the same trick here; she's a capable co-star who does what she can with a bland character, and her connection with Oyelowo barely keeps the movie afloat.

In addition to Oyelowo and Reid, Don't Let Go also stars Byron Mann, Mykelti Williamson, Alfred Molina, Brian Tyree Henry, and Shinelle AzorohDon't Let Go opens August 30, 2019.