Video: Let's Explore The Comic-Con 2019 Show Floor

Peter explores the show floor of San Diego Comic-Con International 2019, and goes on the lookout for the coolest film geek collectibles and show floor displays. He takes a look at the booths for Slideshow, Marvel, Star Wars, Mondo, Insight Editions, and more. What are the coolest things he found during preview night at Comic-Con 2019? Watch the video embedded below to find out!

Comic-Con 2019 Show Floor Tour

Here are some things we looked at in the video tour of the SDCC 2019 show floor:

At the Sideshow Collectibles booth, I looked at some of the new Avengers: Endgame sixth-scale figures from Hot Toys, as well as some quarter scale Marvel figures, all of the Infinity and Nano gauntlet prop replicas, and a new Star Wars: Episode 1 The Phantom Menace sixth-scale Anakin Skywalker and Jedi starfighter.

On the Star Wars side of things, I show off some of Hot Toys' Return of the Jedi collection, including Princess Leia and Wicket the Ewok.

For some reason, they have made a figure for Robin from the movie Batman Forever, and Ben Affleck's Batman from Justice League. We also see a one-fourth scale Thanos from Avengers: Endgame, and some cool Jurassic Park diorama featuring Grant and the sick triceratops. There were also a trio of deluxe fourth-scale Avengers statues, as well as a $1300 Gladiator Hulk statue.

Over at Mondo, we look at Mondo Games' new game system Unmatched, which is a collaboration with Renovation Games and looks pretty awesome. We also take a look at the Mondo limited edition collectible tikis. And the new Mondo Mechas, which are Batman and Captain America Transformer-like mechs.

We look at a few T-shirts and photo ops (Her Universe has a new line of Harry Potter house sweaters which are going to be very popular), and I check in with one of my favorite artists, Scott C, and his convention exclusive Great Showdown prints. We take a look at artist Alex Ross' booth and some of his Marvel and Star Wars art on display.

Gentle Giant is seeing a life-size R2-D2 from the original Kenner action figure line.

Kotobukiya is showing off prototypes of some Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ArtFX statues that will be coming out next year.

Arcade 1Up is released a mini arcade that features three classic Star Wars games in one, and it looks pretty cool.

We explore the Star Wars booth and find a Death Star-shaped computer with built-in projector, the Sith trooper and costume display from the films, and even a LEGO life-size Sith trooper at the LEGO booth.

Mega Construx black series lets you recreate the big battles from Game of Thrones, and we take a look at an impressive diaorama.

Over at Mattel they have a con exclusive John Hammond from Jurassic Park, and are showcasing the Amber Collection, which is a throwback to the original Jurassic Park films, including Ian Malcolm figures. They also have a wall of dinosaur figures on display.

To promote Mario Kart at Hot Wheels, they have a life-size Mario Kart vehicle for photo ops.

I take a look at the display booth for Magic Wheelchair, a cool nonprofit that helps transform wheelchairs into dream vehicles.

At Elite Creature Collectibles, we take a look at their one third scale Pan's Labyrinth Faun statue.

At Hollywood Collectors Group, we take a look at some of their work in Progress Alien collectibles, as well as their scaled Ghostbusters figure line.

Gentle Giant has on display a bunch of busts of industry pioneers, including Stan Lee, Jim Henson and George Lucas. They are showing off a work in progress Luke Skywalker X-Wing pilot maquette. They also have a couple of statures from Disney's Moana on display.

We wander around the WETA Workshop booth, and check out the robot they created for Netflix's I Am Mother, and some of the stuff the company is working on for the 50th Anniversary of Planet of the Apes.

Over at Insight Edition, we get an in-depth tour of the new book Star Wars: The Ultimate Pop-Up Galaxy, which looks very cool.

Over at Prop Store, we take a look at a bunch of the props on display, including stuff from Star Wars, Gremlins 2: A New Batch, Back to the Future: Part II, and a big display of props and costumes from the Netflix Marvel television shows.

The Cinema Makeup School is transforming someone into Hellboy on the show floor.

Warner Bros' booth is huge and has a cool Riverdale photo op. WB is also celebrating 80 years of Batman and has props and costumes on display from the Christopher Nolan films.

We run into Sponge-Bob, who is coming from the Nickelodeon booth.

There is a booth showcasing the costumes from the new Avengers video game, and there is a Final Fantasy remix bike photo op.

EFX collectibles is showing on a life-size production of Ralph McQuarrie's unused Stormtrooper helmet design, and also Vader's burnt helmet from Force Awakens. They also have The Real Ghostbusters statues alongside a huge Ecto-1 Car. And lastly, they have a bunch of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World statues.

There's a big Godzilla photo op on the show floor.

The Topps section of the Star Wars booth has a photo op that lets you become a convention exclusive Topps Star Wars trading card.

GeekiTikis is showing off all their new Star Wars-themed tiki mugs.

Designed By Humans has a lot of Japanese and anime-inspired Star Wars T-shirts, which are awesome.

Lastly, Marvel Studios has a display of costumes and props from Captain Marvel on display at their booth.