Quentin Tarantino Teaming With Sony TV For 'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood' Film Series

Quentin Tarantino and Sony TV are ready to celebrate the release of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood with a film series featuring 10 films personally curated by Tarantino himself. The movies will air on the Sony Movie Channel, which is apparently a real thing, even though I've never heard of it. Segments will feature conversations between Tarantino and film writer and historian Kim Morgan, with each film representative of the era in which Tarantino's latest film is set.

I don't think I have access to the Sony Movie Channel, but I might have to remedy that immediately. Deadline reports that the channel is set to air 10 movies curated by Quentin Tarantino which tie into his upcoming Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Here are the films:

Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1969; director: Paul Mazursky)

Cactus Flower (1969; director: Gene Saks)

Easy Rider (1969; director: Dennis Hopper)

Model Shop (1969; director: Jacques Demy)

Battle of the Coral Sea (1959; director: Paul Wendkos)

Getting Straight (1970; director: Richard Rush)

The Wrecking Crew (1968; director: Phil Karlson)

Hammerhead (1968; director: David Miller)

Gunman's Walk (1958; director: Phil Karlson)

Arizona Raiders (1965; director: William Witney)

"Sony Pictures made their Columbia Pictures catalog available to me so that I could select a series of films representative of the era in which Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is set, The Swinging Sixties. I'm thrilled to host these movies so we can enjoy them together," Tarantino said.

Mike Hopkins, Sony Pictures Television Chairman, added: "Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood promises to be a cinematic event. We're excited to support it and bring these fantastic films from the studio's historic library to SPT's network audiences around the world."

Tarantino is well-known for referencing (and some cases even flat-out ripping-off) moments from cinema history, and with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, a movie set in the world of movies, he's fully embracing both his legacy and the legacy of Hollywood history. Curating a list of influential films set in the era of Hollywood is both a great way to spread awareness about both Tarantino's new film and the older films from the list above.

The series kicks off in the U.S. on Sony Movie Channel from on July 21, running through July 25, with two films airing nightly leading up to the July 26, 2019 release of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.