'Succession' Season 2 Trailer: The HBO Series Returns With More Backstabbing And Family Betrayal

HBO's critically acclaimed comedy-drama series is back for a second season, and there's even more backstabbing and family betrayal than before. Succession season 2 picks up shortly after season 1's dramatic season finale, with the Roy family struggling to maintain control of their media conglomerate empire. Watch the Succession season 2 trailer below.

Succession Season 2 Trailer

Created by Jesse ArmstrongSuccession was met with rave reviews for its first season about a Murdoch family analog that strongly parallels the real-life NewsCorp and its Fox News/20th Century Fox operations. Though presented like a drama with hour-long episodes, Succession has a nasty satirical streak that made the series a major critical hit, despite poor ratings. The series currently holds an 86% approval rating with critics saying, "spectacle of rich people behaving badly makes Succession entertaining, but only up to a point."

But it's that critical ardor that keeps Succession back for a second season, as the Roy family deals with the ramifications of the dramatic season 1 finale, while ruthless patriarch Logan (Brian Cox) pits his children against each other while deciding who shall inherit his media empire. However, Logan's increasingly poor health throws a wrench in things, while another media family (played by newcomers Cherry Jones and Holly Hunter) enter a partnership with the Roys.

The series stars Brian Cox, Jeremy Strong, Kieran CulkinSarah SnookMatthew Macfadyen, and Nicholas Braun, with Holly Hunter joining the cast for Season 2.

Check out the Succession Season 2 trailer and poster below.

Here is the synopsis for season 2 of Succession:

Beginning where season one dramatically left off, season two of this series follows the members of the Roy family as they struggle to retain control of their empire, and while the future looks increasingly uncertain, it is the past that threatens to ultimately destroy them.

The second season of Succession premieres on HBO on August 11, 2019.