'Star Trek Picard' Poster: Picard And His Pup Look To The Future

Lens flare? Check. Digitally enhanced vineyard? Check. Dog? Check. Picard showing off his money maker? Double check. The new Star Trek Picard poster gives us yet another look at Patrick Stewart's return to the Trek universe, and it immediately distinguishes itself from most Trek-related material by being rooted on terra firma.

Above you can check out a motion poster for Star Trek: Picard, but if you want something more substantial and solid, dig the full poster below.

picard poster

Not only does Picard have a dog, he also has a vineyard. Fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation will know all about the vineyard – Picard's family owns one in France. During the course of the series, Picard took a leave from Starfleet to visit the vineyard, which is being run by his brother. The brothers Picard have a falling out, and the film Star Trek: Generations later revealed there was a fire at the vineyard, and Picard's brother (and nephew) were killed. The series finale of The Next Generation also featured a time-jump showing an older Picard now in charge of the vineyard.

It's worth noting that Picard is rumored to be set in the so-called Kelvin Timeline – the alternate timeline established in the J.J. Abrams Trek films. With that in mind, there's a chance the backstory about the vineyard (and Picard's brother) has changed. But really, all I want to know is: who's the dog, and can I pet him?