A24 Announces Free Screenings On Billboards In Cities Where The Movies Are Set

A24, the indie film distribution company responsible for films like Moonlight, Eighth Grade, Midsommar, Swiss Army Man, and dozens more, has announced a cool new project called A24 Public Access. It's a six-week screening series in which the company will take some of its best films on the road this summer and project them onto billboards in cities across America in which the films are set. Best of all, the screenings are free. Find out which films are playing in which cities below.

In the past, the Alamo Drafthouse has hosted a series called Rolling Roadshow in which they would play repertory film screenings in the locations where the movies took place – Bonnie and Clyde in the bank where one of the movie's heists was filmed, The Blues Brothers at Old Joliet Prison, Jackie Brown at the LAX airport, Close Encounters of the Third Kind at Devil's Tower, etc.

Now A24 is putting their own spin on that concept, renting billboards in major cities and bringing some of their most acclaimed films on the road for free screenings this summer. Here's the breakdown of what they have in store:

Lady Bird in Downtown Sacramento. The Bling Ring in the Valley of LA. The Witch in a remote town in rural New Hampshire. Good Time under the subway tracks in Queens. The Spectacular Now in Athens, Georgia. Moonlight in Miami, just a few blocks from Moonlight Way, the stretch of road that the city renamed to immortalize the film.

A24 Public Access. A celebration of the movies and the places they came from, hosted across the country on the most classic form of American media.

What a cool opportunity to watch these movies in a memorable way. Last year I got to watch Die Hard with the fictional Nakatomi Tower looming in the background, and that was an amazing experience; getting to see these films in the cities in which they're set, even if they aren't necessarily the exact locations the characters traverse, seems like a similarly wonderful experience waiting to happen. Just arrive extra early to secure a good seat – with no entry fee, these screenings will surely be packed. Here are some photos, dates, times, and GPS coordinates for each of the A24 free screenings:

Lady Bird A24The Bling Ring A24The Witch A24Good Time A24The Spectacular Now A24Moonlight A24