'Look Who's Talking' Reboot In The Works For Some Reason

Those geniuses in Hollywood have done it again! After thinking long and hard about the best possible way to entertain the masses, executives and producers have found the solution: a Look Who's Talking reboot. Yes, the '80s film about a baby with the voice of Bruce Willis is getting an update for our terrible modern times, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Look who's thinking about making a Look Who's Talking reboot: Sony Pictures' Screen Gems. Deadline reports the studio is gearing up to remake the 1989 Amy Heckerling film that inexplicably spawned an entire franchise. In the original, Kirstie Alley played a single woman who ended up pregnant with a married man's child. Her lover wanted nothing to do with the kid, so Alley was forced to adopt the lifestyle of single mom. Along the way, she develops a romantic relationship with a cab driver played by John Travolta. That all sounds like fairly standard, even boring, rom-com fare, right? Well, here's the twist. The audience can hear the thoughts of the baby Alley gave birth to. And these aren't incoherent baby thoughts, my friends – oh no. They're very adult thoughts, voiced by none other than Bruce Willis.

This was followed by a sequel, Look Who's Talking Too, in which the Bruce Willis baby gets a new sister, voiced by Roseanne Barr. And then Look Who's Talking Now, where we get to hear the thoughts of the family dogs, voiced by Danny DeVito and Diane Keaton. There was also a TV spin-off called Baby Talk in the 1990s, which was ultimately cancelled after two seasons.

While you might think there's nothing more to explore with this concept, you're wrong. Otherwise, why would someone be making a reboot? There has to be a good reason...right? The new Look Who's Talking will be written and directed by Jeremy Garelick, who helmed the 2015 comedy The Wedding Ringer. "What excited me about doing is, I have four kids, including twins, and this is something they can watch, and share some of the experience I had with my wife," Garelick said, adding:

"Like, figuring out how to raise these kids, with all the mistakes that happen. Add in the voices that are keyed to facial expressions, it just really seems like a fun idea. Everyone can relate to babies. The challenge is, that was a really good movie, Travolta and Kirstie Alley had great chemistry and Amy Heckerling wrote a great script. We're in the early stages of figuring out what the story is for the modern version of the movie."

Believe it or not, this isn't the first time word of a Look Who's Talking reboot has popped-up. Back in 2010, it was reported that Fast and Furious franchise producer Neil Moritz was going to produce a remake. Moritz isn't involved with this latest version, but maybe he should be. Maybe they should find a way to combine Look Who's Talking with the Fast and Furious franchise.