Watch What Happens When You Ride 'Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run' Without Touching ANY Controls

Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run, the first ride to open in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, puts you in the cockpit of the most famous hunk of junk in the galaxy. It's a fully-interactive motion simulator which puts you and a group of five people on a smuggling mission with Han Solo's infamous ship. But we've been wondering, what happens if you don't do anything? What happens if the pilots don't steer the ship? What happens if the gunners don't fire at the incoming tie fighters and obstacles? What happens if the engineers don't fix the damage? What happens if you don't pull the lever to jump to hyperspace? We attempted to conduct an experiment to find out. Watch and see what happens.

Riding Smuggler's Run Without Touching ANY Controls

We knew that there was no game over state for the ride, that you couldn't crash the Falcon or die, but I was surprised to learn how much this ride is actually on rails and it doesn't really matter that much what you do or not. Sure, you'll hit fewer things if you pilot well, take on less damage and earn more credits, but not much else changes.

Gunners will earn more money from shooting down enemy fighters, and there's the possibility of obtaining more than one container of coaxium — although I've confirmed that the most you can get (right now at least) is two of the three vessels. I'm wondering if it's possible to end the mission without getting any. On our hand's off experiment we still obtained one container, but I now think that might be because our Engineers were on autopilot as no one was in those seats and the computer-controlled effort in those positions might have helped us obtain the one we captured.

I'd still love to do another Smuggler's Run experiment in the future where we attempt to crash into as many things as possible and see what the lowest possible score you can get is. How much money could we end up owing Hondo at the end of the ride? Maybe one day we'll attempt this.

It should be noted that we did this experiment with a cockpit of friends, and did not subject any strangers to a subpar experience. That is something we would never do, and we do not recommend. So if you attempt to recreate our experiments, please do so with a group of willing friends.