'Mrs. Fletcher' Trailer: Kathryn Hahn Gets Her Groove Back

The last time HBO adapted a Tom Perrotta novel, we got the critically acclaimed series that was The Leftovers. Throw in Kathryn Hahn and you've got us hooked. Mrs. Fletcher, a half-hour comedy series based on Perotta's 2017 novel of the same name, stars Hahn as an empty-nester mom undergoing a sexual reawakening after her son leaves for college. Watch the Mrs. Fletcher trailer below.

Mrs. Fletcher Trailer

Mrs. Fletcher is a dual coming-of-age comedy that follows divorcée Eve Fletcher (Hahn) and her college freshman son Brendan (Jackson White) as they navigate a new chapter in their lives in the age of online porn and social media. For Brendan, it's being faced with relationship and sexual troubles as a college freshman, but for Eve it's the other side of the coin: the empty-nester mom finds a new lease on life as she undergoes a sexual awakening and discovers the "sexual fulfillment that's eluded her in the past." It sounds like a meaty role for Hahn, who has consistently knocked it out of the park in supporting roles like in Amazon Prime's Transparent. This is her first leading television role after her short-lived Amazon series I Love Dick, and it seems like a perfect role that can stretch the actress' comedic and dramatic sensibilities.

In addition to creator Perrotta, Mrs. Fletcher is produced and directed by Nicole Holofcener (Enough Said, Friends with Money). The supporting cast includes Casey Wilson, Owen Teague, Jen Richards, Cameron Boyce, and Jasmine Cephas Jones. 

Here is the synopsis to Mrs. Fletcher:

HBO presents Mrs. Fletcher, a dual coming-of-age comedy, exploring the impact of internet porn and social media on the lives of empty nest divorcée Eve Fletcher (Hahn) and her college freshman son Brendan (Jackson White). The series follows Eve as she reinvents her life to find the happiness and sexual fulfillment that's eluded her in the past. Written and executive produced by Tom Perrotta, based on his bestselling novel.

Mrs. Fletcher will premiere on HBO in fall 2019.