'Supervized' Trailer: Tom Berenger Leads A Group Of Senior Superheroes Out Of Retirement

We're at the point of the superhero genre eating its own tail when we start getting straight-to-video comedies starring Tom Berenger and Beau Bridges as senior superheroes coming out of retirement to save the world. That's what's happening in Supervized, an honest-to-god real movie about a group of retired international superheroes who realize that their quiet Ireland nursing home is more sinister than it appears. Watch the Supervized trailer below.

Supervized Trailer

Super farts and flying false teeth abound in the Supervized trailer, a movie that we know exists, so now you have to as well. Tom Berenger and Beau Bridges are the latex-clad stars of the superhero comedy, donning their old skin-tight super suits to save the world from a sinister nursing home that may be zapping retired superheroes of their powers.

That Supervized comes mere months after Glass hits theaters doesn't feel like a coincidence — this Irish comedy plays like an inadvertent (or maybe purposeful) parody of the M. Night Shyamalan film.

Directed by Steve Barron and written by Andy Briggs and John Niven, Supervized also stars Louis Gossett Jr., Fionnula Flanagan, Elya Baskin, and Fiona Glascott.

Here is the synopsis for Supervized:

SUPERVIZED tells the story of an elderly group of international superheroes retired to Dunmanor nursing home in Ireland. Ray is the once world renowned 'Maximum Justice' who as his nom de plume suggests will fight bad with good till the cows come home. He finds it hard to accept that his hero days are over and now it's bingo games and blanket baths. His old team consisting of trusted sidekick Ted AKA 'Shimmy', old flame Madera 'Moonlight' and rival at everything Pendle 'Total Thunder' are far more accepting of their undignified destiny. When Jerry, 'Rainbow Warrior,' dies after having his superpowers 'downwardly managed' for the safety of others, a federation sectioned procedure, Ray suspects foul play and decides to investigate. The rest of the gang is not so convinced, and Ray finds himself battling against not only his enemies, but the stigma and restrictions of old age.

Supervized flies into theaters and on VOD on July 19, 2019.