Quibi Adds Paul Feig To Its High-Profile Roster Of Filmmakers

Quibi, the strangely-named mobile streaming service that suddenly emerged as a frontrunner of the streaming battles after a partnership with Steven Spielberg, has brought another high-profile filmmaker on board. Paul Feig is joining Jeffrey Katzenberg's upcoming streaming venture to develop original content for the shortform service.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Paul Feig is developing some projects for Quibi, an upcoming streaming service that intends to set itself apart by offering "quick bites of captivating entertainment, created for mobile by the best talent, designed to fit perfectly into any moment of your day." These are short-form shows that are usually 7-to-10 minutes long, like higher-quality equivalents of a webseries, all designed to be watched on mobile platforms.

Feig will be developing shortform content for Quibi, though there are no details on what kind of projects they will be. The service already has Steven Soderbergh working on a few experimental titles, while Spielberg is delving into horror for an After Dark series. Antoine Fuqua is developing a film titled #Freerayshawn starring Stephen James and Laurence Fishburne.

"I've talked to Jeffrey and we have a couple projects we're in stages of development on," Feig told THR, adding:

"It's exciting that shortform is getting another crack. It was kind of dead for a long time, because there was no market for it. Now, because there's so much stuff out there, this shortform content you watch on your phone that you watch for 10 minutes, that's really important now."

Feig has dabbled in both TV and movies, creating acclaimed series like Freaks and Geeks before moving on to feature films with comedy hits like Bridesmaids, Spy, and most recently A Simple Favor. He's currently finishing up a new rom-com starring Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding, and will likely start work on his projects for Quibi once he wraps.