'The Trip To Greece' Is Finally Going To Serve Us Some Good Food (Again)

It's time to pack up to head for the sunny shores of Greece, because Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon are back for a fourth The Trip installment. The incandescently great British sitcom in which Coogan and Brydon play exaggerated versions of themselves while eating delicious food is back for The Trip to Greece, which has begun filming this week. Coogan and Brydon are both returning, hopefully with a few new Michael Caine impressions up their sleeves.

The Trip to Greece Filming Begins

In the immortal words of Gordon Ramsay, finally we're getting some good f***ing food. Coogan and Brydon are serving us looks and delicious Mediterranean food in the first look at the production of The Trip to Greece, which follows 2017's The Trip to Spain.

This will be the fourth The Trip installment, which are filmed as a multi-part comedy series that airs in the U.K. before they are cut into films for U.S. release by IFC. The brainchild of Brydon, Coogan, and director Michael WinterbottomThe Trip began as a six-episode British sitcom in 2010 starring Brydon and Coogan as fictional versions of themselves taking a restaurant tour of northern England. Part mockumentary, part food show, the offbeat series turned into a critically acclaimed film, and went international with the follow-ups The Trip to Italy and The Trip to Spain. While the sequels haven't quite garnered the following of the first 2010 film, The Trip films remain a necessary balm in this hellscape of a world and have produced some comedy classic scenes like Coogan and Brydon's Michael Caine and Sean Connery impressions. One can only imagine who they will imitate next in The Trip to Greece

The full details for The Trip to Greece are still under wraps, but Brydon has confirmed through social media that he and Coogan are back on board, as is likely Winterbottom.