'Outside The Wire': Anthony Mackie Starring In Netflix Sci-Fi Film

Anthony Mackie is sticking with Netflix. The actor can currently be seen in the new season of Black Mirror, his sci-fi feature IO landed earlier this year, and he'll also appear in Joe Lynch's Point Blank remake for the streaming service, and the upcoming second season of Altered Carbon. Now he's adding yet another Netflix title: Outside the Wire, a sci-fi action film from director Mikael Håfström (1408). Mackie will play a drone pilot trying to locate a doomsday device. Mackie will also produce the film. More on Outside the Wire below.Deadline broke the news about Anthony Mackie starring in and producing Outside the Wire. Here's how they're describing the project:

Set in the future, Mackie will play a drone pilot sent into a deadly militarized zone where he finds himself working for an android officer tasked to locate a doomsday device before it falls into the hands of insurgents. Shoot is due to begin in August with additional casting under way.

That's not a whole lot to go on story-wise, but I'm assuming there will be more to the film than Mackie's character sitting in a trailer somewhere remote, piloting a drone. Then again, that would keep the budget down considerably.

Mackie will produce with Brian Kavanaugh-Jones (Sinister), Ben Pugh (Ironbark), and Erica Steinberg (Death Proof), and Jason Spire (Operation Finale). The script is by Rob Yescombe and Rowan Athale. Director Mikael Håfström is responsible for 1408Escape Plan, and The Rite. With the exception of 1408, I wouldn't say those films are particularly great, or even good. But there's always a chance that the filmmaker might do well with this material.

In addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Mackie is keeping busy. He's currently appearing in the new season of Black Mirror, and he'll be seen later this year in Against All Enemies and The Woman in the Window. He's also going to lead the second season of Netflix's Altered Carbon. And then he has the Disney+ series Falcon & Winter Soldier to look forward to, plus whatever future MCU films his character will be appearing in. It's Anthony Mackie's world now, we're just living in it.