That Fred Durst-Directed John Travolta Movie Is *Not* Being Dumped On Amazon This Month [Update]

Update: We've confirmed that the Moose appearing this month on Amazon is actually a completely different movie, which means we're going to have to wait a little longer before we see John Travolta and Fred Durst's Moose, or The Fanatic as it's possibly called now. The original story continues below.


Last month, The Fanatic, a Fred Durst-directed movie starring John Travolta, was supposed to premiere at Cannes. But Travolta had the screening cancelled at the last minute, apparently because he wanted to go back and work on a new cut of the film. At the time, rumor had it that Amazon had purchased the rights to the film. And that seems to be correct, because Amazon is saying you can expect the movie to be streaming starting June 29 (via BloodyDisguting).

Here's where things get slightly strange. Amazon is still calling the film Moose, which was the original title before it got switched to The Fanatic. But there's also already a poster with The Fanatic title:

I suppose we'll have to wait and see what it's officially called when it arrives at the end of the month. In any case, the fact that the movie is going right to Amazon isn't a very good sign, although it will reportedly have a limited theatrical run staring September 6.

In the film, Travolta plays Moose, a man obsessed with a celebrity named Hunter Dunbar (played by Devon Sawa). Moose heads to Hollywood to meet Dunbar, but the meeting doesn't go as planned:

Moose's actions begin to take a dark turn. Against the advice of his friend Leah (Ana Golja), Moose begins to make frequent visits to his hero's private home. As the visits continue to escalate, Dunbar find himself in increasing danger.

For what it's worth, Travolta had very positive things to say about the film, saying last year that working with Fred Durst was "maybe my favorite experience I've had. He's so generous and he's such an artist. He allowed me to create a character that nobody else would allow. It's really a wild character and it's very free(ing) to do that."

No matter how things turns out, you better believe I'll be watching the hell out of this movie once it hits Amazon. Just take a look at Travolta in the image at the top of the story – how can you resist that?