'In Fabric' Trailer: Are You Ready For A Movie About A Killer Dress?

Talk about a killer fashion sense: here's a film about a dress that will literally slay anyone who wears it.

The Duke of Burgundy and Berberian Sound Studio director Peter Strickland is back with In Fabric, a giallo-inspired throwback about a woman who's lured into a department store sale and comes out with a murderous item of clothing. Check out the delightfully bonkers trailer below.

In Fabric Trailer

When a bank teller named Sheila (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) wanders into a London department store, she tries on a dress that isn't her size. But somehow it ends up fitting her perfectly, and even though she admits to the clerk that she doesn't "normally wear this kind of thing," there's something hypnotic about the entire transaction – almost as if there was a malevolent force controlling it all just underneath the surface.

That's when the trouble starts: not only does the dress leave marks on her body (!) and destroy her washing machine (!!), but the blood-red clothing item begins floating around on its own like a damn ghost (!!!). There is some wonderfully ludicrous imagery here, and while I haven't seen any of Strickland's previous films yet, I must admit that I'm incredibly intrigued with this trailer.

/Film's Chris Evangelista reviewed In Fabric at last year's Toronto International Film Festival; here's a brief excerpt from his review:

In Fabric builds to a lunatic crescendo, ratcheting up the madness and mayhem for a genuinely disturbing denouement. While this isn't Strickland's best work – I have no idea if he'll ever be able to top The Duke of Burgundy – In Fabric is yet another showcase for the filmmaker's considerable talents. Sure, Strickland is technically borrowing from his predecessors, but he manages to inject enough originality to make his works solely his own. In Fabric hums with electric energy, employing impeccable sound design and often jarring editing to create a sensory overload. As the film draws to a close, you'll likely find yourself grinning with wicked glee at the excess of it all.

Here's the official description:

A lonely woman (Marianne Jean-Baptiste), recently separated from her husband, visits a bewitching London department store in search of a dress that will transform her life. She's fitted with a perfectly flattering, artery-red gown—which, in time, will come to unleash a malevolent curse and unstoppable evil, threatening everyone who comes into its path.

From acclaimed horror director Peter Strickland (the singular auteur behind the sumptuous sadomasochistic romance The Duke of Burgundy and auditory giallo-homage Berberian Sound Studio) comes a truly nightmarish film, at turns frightening, seductive, and darkly humorous. Channeling voyeuristic fantasies of high fashion and bloodshed, In Fabric is Strickland's most twisted and brilliantly original vision yet.

In Fabric doesn't have a release date yet, but the press release promises that it's "coming soon."