'Stranger Things: Six' Prequel Comic Introduces Another Psychic Teen

Before Eleven, there was Six. No, this is not a failed attempt at counting, but a preview of the upcoming Stranger Things prequel comic, which follows a psychic teen who came to Hawkins, Indiana long before Eleven crushed a Coca-Cola can.

Stranger Things: Six is an upcoming four-issue miniseries from Dark Horse Comics that takes place prior to the events of season 1 of Stranger Things, Netflix's flagship genre show that will make its long-awaited season 3 premiere this summer. So if you're getting tired of waiting for Stranger Things season 3, Stranger Things: Six could temporarily fill in that void for you.

The Hollywood Reporter debuted the first look at Stranger Things: Six, a four-issue miniseries written by Jody Houser, who wrote Dark Horse's first Stranger Things comic book series adapting the first season from Will's perspective in the Upside Down, with art from Stefano Martino and Edgar Salazar. The prequel comic follows a new character, Francine, a precognitive teen who finds herself under the sway of Dr. Brenner, who conducts experiments on her at Hawkins Laboratory.

Here is the comic book's synopsis, according to THR:

Set prior to the events of the first season of the Duffer Brothers' series, Six focuses on Francine, another psychic who falls under the influence of Dr. Brenner alongside the show's Eleven after suffering at the hands of her family. But can even the precognitive teen see what lies in store for her, or imagine a better future for herself?

See the cover art for Stranger Things: Six below by Martino, who illustrated the first volume.

Stranger Things: Six is the latest in Dark Horse's line of comics based on the Netflix original series of the same name. Written by Houser, inked by Keith Champagne, colored by Lauren Affe, and lettered by Nate PiekosStranger Things: Six helps flesh out the world of Stranger Things beyond what we see in the wildly popular TV series. Prior to this, an exclusive 'Stranger Things' one-shot issue was released for free on May 4, 2019, as part of the Free Comic Book Day event.Stranger Things: Six No. 1, which is also available in a limited edition bundle with exclusive artwork, will be released in comic book stores and digitally on May 29, 2019.

You can watch the trailer for the first volume of the comic book below.