'Plus One' Trailer: Two Friends Make A Pact During Wedding Season

After a huge boom in the 1990s, the steady stream of Hollywood romantic comedies has trickled down to a slow drip. That scarcity makes each new entry into the genre feel more significant than it may have before, and such is the case with Plus One, a delightful-looking rom-com starring Maya Erskine (Pen15) and Jack Quaid (The Hunger Games) about two friends who agree to be each other's plus ones during wedding season. Check out the trailer below.

Plus One Trailer

If you were paying close attention, you may have noticed the pull quote from /Film's own Hoai-Tran Bui, who reviewed the film from this year's Tribeca Film Festival. As a big rom-com fan, she really enjoyed it:

Erskine and Quaid's easy chemistry is paramount to Plus One's success, and their witty banter and genuine affection for each other drive the film as it navigates, and eventually shakes up, the traditional trappings of the rom-com. Yes, that premise is straight out of a '90s rom-com, but Plus One does something more with the concept of "female and male friend are hot together and fall in love" — it lets Alice and Ben become fully realized characters before the concept of romance even occurs to them. And when it does, it feels completely natural.

I'm intrigued, but I have to admit that realistically, this looks like one of those movies people will discover when Erskine makes the jump to the next level in Hollywood. ("What? She was in a rom-com? How did I miss that?") Still, I have high hopes for her, and it looks like she's having a lot of fun here. Erskine co-created the Hulu series Pen15, and her dynamic lead performance in that series (where she effortlessly showcases her physical comedy skills) seems like the perfect stepping stone to movie stardom.

Jeff Chan and Andrew Rhymer, who co-wrote Pen15's "Posh" episode, wrote the Plus One script together and are co-directing this as their feature directorial debut.

Here's the film's official description:

Long-time friends Alice and Ben find themselves in that inevitable year that all late 20-somethings experience—in which seemingly every person they know gets married—and agree to be one another's plus ones as they power through an endless parade of insufferable weddings.

Plus One arrives in theaters and hits Video On Demand platforms on June 14, 2019.