Disney Sends 'The Simpsons' Reruns To Freeform, So People Might Actually Watch Freeform Now

Now that Disney owns The Simpsons, along with everything else, they're giving the animated family a new home. Reruns of the long-running series will be jumping to Freeform. The series is also set to debut on Disney's streaming service Disney+ in November, but will set-up residence at Freeform in September.

By the time you finish reading this sentence, there's a very good chance that Disney will have purchased your house, you car, your pets and maybe even the shirt off your back. The House of Mouse can't stop, won't stop, and they're already shaking things up. When the big Disney-Fox deal closed this year, their already large library of studios and services was supercharged. And that means Freeform, a Disney-owned channel that definitely exists but almost no one watches, now has a lot more possibilities. But maybe that'll change soon. Because starting in September, you can catch The Simpsons reruns on Freeform.

Since 2014, reruns of The Simpsons have been exclusively on FXX. However, this doesn't mean the show is leaving FXX behind. Per Deadline, "FXX will remain the main Simpsons off-network cable home, airing 50 hours of repeats a week vs. 10 for Freeform." Fox has a smilar set-up with Family Guy, which has been airing on FXX and Freeform since last night.

As for The Simpsons, the series will also arrive on Disney+ in December. All 30 seasons will be available on Freeform. Fox recently renewed the show for season 31 and 32, because apparently they refuse to let it die – even though ratings continue to slip.

While newer episodes of The Simpsons are lackluster, several of the earlier seasons – let's say season 2 through 9 – remain all-time-classics, and having them available on Freeform is certainly a boost to the channel. Freeform has actually been around since the 1970s...sort of. It started out as a religious channel, then eventually became The Family Channel, then the Fox Family Channel, and then ABC Family. They rebranded as Freeform in 2016, and are currently home to shows like The Bold TypeGood Trouble and Cloak and Dagger.