The MCU Revealed To Be Earth-616 In 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' Clip

A studly magic-using superhero that looks like Jake Gyllenhaal? He could only exist in another universe. That's exactly what is taking place in Spider-Man: Far From Home, in which Gyllenhaal's Mysterio apparently travels from an alternate Earth in order to save the one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's a concept not unfamiliar to fans of the Marvel Comics, where there are alternate dimensions galore, each with their own numerical designation. And it looks like those numerical designations are making their way over to the MCU, according to a new Spider-Man Far From Home clip.

Spider-Man Far From Home Clip

Whether Spider-Man: Far From Home introduces the multiverse seems to no longer be a question in the latest clip released by The Ellen Show. The clip shows us the moment that Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) introduces Peter Parker (Tom Holland) to Mysterio (Gyllenhaal), who reveals himself to be a man from an alternate Earth named Quentin Beck. Beck explains that his world and the world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which he dubs Earth-616, "share identical physical constance, level 4 symmetry," much to the delight of the very nerdy Peter. Quentin, meanwhile, hails from Earth 833, he tells Peter.

Those familiar with Marvel Comics will know that Earth 616 is the primary continuity for most Marvel Comics titles, so the designation of the MCU with this label aligns with the comics (even if MCU-inspired titles have been taking place in Earth-199999). As for Earth 833: That is the home of Spider-Man UK, which puts into question Quentin's statement to Peter that his Earth "could use someone like you." Is Mysterio bluffing? Is he even from an alternate universe at all? We'll find out soon enough, but for now, the introduction of the multiverse just made the MCU infinitely bigger.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is directed by Jon Watts and stars Tom Holland, Samuel L. Jackson, Zendaya, Cobie Smulders, Jon Favreau, J. B. Smoove, Jacob Batalon, Martin Starr, Marisa Tomei, and Jake Gyllenhaal. It swings into theaters on July 2, 2019.

Peter Parker's relaxing European vacation takes an unexpected turn when Nick Fury suddenly shows up in his hotel room. Parker soon finds himself donning the Spider-Man suit to help Fury stop the evil Mysterio from wreaking havoc across the continent.