'Detective Pikachu' Has Enough Foul-Mouthed Outtakes From Ryan Reynolds To Create An Entire R-Rated Cut Of The Movie

Ryan Reynolds has built an entire career out of being a charming-but-foul-mouthed wise ass on screen, so it's not too surprising that he kept that spirit alive even while voicing a beloved children's character. In a new interview, Reynolds has explained that there are enough profane Detective Pikachu outtakes from his recording sessions that, should the studio want to, a new R-rated cut of the movie could be created from them.

Speaking with Kotaku, Reynolds, who voices the eponymous pint-sized yellow Pokemon sleuth in the new movie, confirmed what you may have assumed based on his casting alone: this film basically let him run wild and then selected the best options during post-production:

"I'd come out with 85 options for any one joke. It was crazy...The stuff they used, there might've been some pushback, I don't know...Everything ran the gamut from Rated R to PG. You could probably squeeze together a Rated-R cut if someone went looking for it in the edit, I'm sure. God forbid they would."

That "throw everything at the wall and see what sticks" approach seemed to result in Reynolds maybe dropping some F-bombs along the way, which makes sense considering he doesn't adopt a particular voice for Pikachu aside from his natural one. Maybe if he were delivering all his lines of dialogue in a squeaky, high-pitched tone or something that was outside the norm for him, he would have been more cognizant of what he was saying. More likely, though, Reynolds simply thought it'd be funny to let it all fly in the recording booth.

The odds of an R-Rated cut of Detective Pikachu seem incredibly slim, since Pokemon is intended to be a family-friendly property. As entertaining as it might be to hear Reynolds putting filthy lines in Pikachu's mouth, I can't imagine the brand would sign off on releasing a cut like that into the wild. But I'm guessing we might see a few of those moments on the home video release. So for those who are desperate to see the entire R-rated version of this movie, it looks like you only have two options: smoothly befriend either Mark Sanger or James Thomas, the two editors of Detective Pikachu, and casually ask them to give you a private screening of all of the footage that was left on the cutting room floor. Good luck!

The PG version of Detective Pikachu hits theaters on May 10, 2019.