'Good Sam' Trailer: Netflix Pays Forward The Positivity

The Good Place actress Tiya Sircar is trading one "good" project for another, with Netflix's heartwarming drama Good Sam. In the Good Sam trailer, Sircar stars as television news anchor Kate Bradley, who enjoys her job on New York City's "bummer beat" of fires, car crashes, riots, and other disasters, until she stumbles upon a story of a mysterious good Samaritan. Watch the Good Sam trailer below.

Good Sam Trailer

Based on Dete Meserve's book series of the same name, Good Sam kicks off with Kate Bradley (Sircar) getting assigned an unbelievable story about a do-gooder vigilante who has begun leaving bags of $100,000 in cash on random doorsteps across the city. At first suspecting an ulterior motive, Kate pursues the story, but finds only the miracle human goodwill. The city becomes obsessed with the mysterious good Samaritan, who earns the shortened nickname Good Sam, and slowly it inspires a wave of random acts of kindness that even begins to melt the cynical Kate's cold heart.

I at first suspected that this feel-good film was building toward some criminal or horror twist, but it seems like Good Sam is dedicated to living up to its title. It's a sentimental inspirational drama through and through, which sadly makes it seem like its destined for the annals of forgettable Netflix feature films that people will randomly stumble upon at 2 a.m. on a Saturday night.

Good Sam is directed by Kate Melville with a script from Meserve and Teena Booth, and also stars Chad ConnellMarco GrazziniMark CamachoElana DunkelmanDaniela SandifordJesse CamachoKenny Wong, and Robert Crooks.

Here is the synopsis for Good Sam:

When a mysterious good samaritan, aka "Good Sam," leaves $100,000 in cash on seemingly random doorsteps, New York City TV news reporter Kate Bradley (Tiya Sircar) sets out discover Good Sam's true identity and motive, turning her personal life upside down.

Good Sam premieres on Netflix on May 16, 2019.