These 'John Wick 3' Artist Series Posters Are Incredible

Now that Avengers: Endgame is out, its time to get hyped for the next big movie of the summer: John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum. Keanu Reeves and his slick suits will return to kill anyone who gets in his way – and he might even use a pencil to do it. Some new John Wick 3 artist series posters have hit the web, and they're gorgeous. Movie posters have become lackluster in recent years, resorting to bland floating heads or extreme close-ups on faces with no concern for artistry or style. These posters are the complete opposite – colorful, vibrant, inventive. Check them out below.

First, we have to get the best poster out of the way: the dog. John Wick's new pupper, in all his glory. What a good boy. I like that the dog appears to be in space, like some sort of alien. Or holy figure. Like God, maybe.

Here's our boy John Wick himself. Composition-wise, this isn't the most inventive thing. But the coloring is nice – the use of purple/pink makes it pop, and I like the indication of blood splatter in the bottom left corner. Because John Wick kills people, you see.

Oh hell yes, now we're talking. Here is our beautiful neon saint, flanked by skull angels. This looks like a dance club in Miami had sex with Crimson Peak, and then they had a baby. And that baby was named John Wick.

Jackson Pollock and Jasper Johns got into a fist-fight, and the blood that splattered out of their noses hit a canvas, and created this.

Not a big fan of this one – it doesn't look much like Keanu Reeves to me. But the detailing is impressive.

Now we're talking. Weird smoke coming out of John Wick's eyes like he's some sort of hell-dragon. Does this happen in the movie? Probably not. But if it does, I will stand up and cheer.

The bullets, the coloring, the weird smudges. Dig it. It's very comic book-y.

The whole gang is here! Even Anjelica Houston! And, more importantly, Halle Berry's dogs, who both look thrilled.

Finally, there's this psychedelic poster. Not sure it fits with the tone of the movies. Unless you want to call this psychadel-wick. Which you shouldn't, because that's just silly.

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum opens May 17, 2019.