Alien Day 2019 Hatches New Merch, But Sadly No Real Xenomorphs

Happy Alien Day! Which is a thing now! Since 2016, merchandisers have been cashing-in by holding Alien Day on April 26, in honor of the planet when those slimy, nasty Xenomorph eggs were first encountered –  LV-426 (4/26, get it?). Alien Day 2019 is upon us, and its brought with it a whole galaxy of Alien-related merch you can sink your piston-like inner jaw into. This year is extra special, because it marks the 40th anniversary of the first film.

40 Years of Alien Sweepstakes

This prize pack, which you can sign up for here, offers a wide variety of items to three lucky winners:

1st Prize

– (NECA) Foam Replica Xenomorph Wall-Mounted Bust $360

– Reebok Alien Stomper $179

– Alien 4K Blu-ray – $24.99

– Total: $563.99

2nd Prize

– 40th Anniversary Alien print "Too Late to Scream" by Steve Thomas Print (Red Alert) – $59

– Alien 4K Blu-ray – $24.99

– Alien: Echo Book (MacMillan Publishers) – $18.99

– Funko Xeno Pop (#731) – $17.99

– Alien Coloring Book (Titan) – $14.95

– Jonesy: Nine Lives on the Nostromo – Book (Titan) $14.95

– The Loyal Subjects – 3.2” Action Vinyls – $11.99

– Total $162.86

3rd Prize

– Legendary® Encounters: An Alien™ Deck Building Game – (Upper Deck) $59.99

– Alien 4K Blu-ray – $24.99

– Aliens Dead Orbit (Darkhorse Comics) – $34.99

– Diamond Select Xeno Warrior Vinimate – $9.99

– Total – $129.96

You must sign up by Midnight PST Friday, April 26 to enter. Winners will be notified Midnight May 6, 2019.

Reebok – Alien 40th Anniversary Alien Stompers “Bishop Edition”

The Reebok Alien-sneakers are always a hot item. This year offers the "Bishop Edition" stompers. Here are the specifics:

Arriving in a cream-white colorway with contrasting blood-red and anthracite detailing, the unisex sneaker is oozing with minute design touches and Easter eggs for die-hard fans. Those details include references to a host of pre-production designs and logos that were never actually used in the film's final production making them true prototypes in both our universe and the universe of Alien.  For example, eagle-eyed fans will take special notice of an ultra-rare deviant version of the logo used by the Alien franchise's infamous "Weyland-Yutani" corporation, which drops the "D" to read just "Weylan-Yutani".

The Stomper's new packaging is just as lovingly detailed as the sneaker itself. Reebok spared little expense in researching and creating materials for the packaging, which will arrive with a swarm of Alien inuniverse goodies to help maximize the immersion factor. The full loadout includes:

  • A certificate of authenticity, backed by the good name of the Weylan-Yutani corporation
  • Custom dust bags for protecting your stompers from hostile forces
  • An official 'Bug Stomping' field guide
  • Three unique hang tags, including the alternate Weylan-Yutani logo and an official Alien 40th Anniversary badge
  • The unisex sneaker sells for $175 and is available here (unless it's already sold out, which is likely).

    Shirts from Fox and Fright-Rags

    You want some fabric to cover your torso? You're in luck, because both Fox and Fright-Rags are offering you some shirts, baby! The Fox shirts, which you can scoop up here, come with trading cards. The shirts from Fright-Rags offers a "Video Series Box Set" that comes with "a super-soft black tee with the iconic ALIEN cover art, a glow-in-the-dark first-pressing Enamel Pin, Fright-Rags Microwave Popcorn and a VHS Sticker Sheet! All packaged inside a Collector Box designed to mimic the original VHS sleeve."

    There's also "a comfy dark-heather T-Shirt featuring our favorite space-traveling cat, Jonesy"; "a vintage blue Nostromo Tee"; and "a green/black Baseball Tee with the infamous ALIEN cover art."

    Funko! And Other Toys

    The always-popular Funk Pops have several different Alien-related things for your purchasing pleasure. There's "Ripley Holding Jonesy", which you can see above. This is another thing that will probably sell out, but if not, you can buy that here. Beyond that, there's a set of figures which you can see below.

    Then there are these cute little figures from Loyal Subjects, which will hit retailers in the upcoming weeks.

    Upper Deck Alien 3 Trading Cards

    Are trading cards still a thing? I guess they are if they're still making them. And now there's a set of trading cards for the underrated Alien 3! You can buy them here, should you be inclined. Here's what you get:

  • 100 Card Base Set
  • 2 Different Parallels
  • 6 Unique Inset Sets
  • 1-Of-1 Original Sketch Cards
  • Mug shots
  • Original Art Sketch Cards
  • The Lead Works
  • Chest Burster Cards
  • Sadly, there's no Unhappy David Fincher card.

    Harry Dean Stanton Dead

    The Harry Dean Stanton Action Figure You've Always Wanted

    I could've never predicted that one day a Harry Dean Stanton action figure would exist, but here we are! The folks at NECA unveiled this Brett figure, which will be available later this year. And you better believe I'll be buying this. And maybe I'll paint his ball cap red and say it's a Paris, Texas action figure instead.